Departing for Summer

On Saturday, August 23rd, I will be heading off to China until September 18th. I will be spending the first 2 days and last 2 days of my trip in Beijing, while the rest of my trip will be spent in Guilin learning Chinese and experiencing the culture.

My itinerary is packed! I have something planned for EVERYDAY I’m in China, so I’m a bit overwhelmed, although….I’m sure it will be loads of fun =D

Everyone seems to be leaving this week! Janeemebe and Christina left to Korea for a month-long study abroad like me today, Anthony is going back to WSU, Brian is going to his med-tech school, Matt went back to his school in Hawaii, and Priscilleea is going to teach in Korea for ~6months. Did I miss anyone important?

Well I hope everyone who is leaving has a safe and adventurous time! As for this summer, I hope that everyone had just as much fun as I did. This was definitely the best summer vacation I have ever had. People weren’t kidding when they said college would be the best years. I am o-so grateful for the friends and family that I have; everyday is full of life =)

Enjoy the rest of summer folks! I will try my best to keep my blog updated while I’m in China but we’ll see…it all depends on how busy I’ll be, access to internet and censorship >___<

Please feel free to drop me a line and tell me about the wonderful summer stories you have =) I want to stay updated!


Oh, and btw- If you haven’t notice, I’ve been on a hiatus of reviewing movies and such! Once I’m back from China and situated, I’ll be back in action!


12 thoughts on “Departing for Summer

  1. such a nice summer you have, since we don’t have summer break here. LOL~!

    anyway, pls take a really good care of yourself, ne (well i’m sure you’re an exoert in this ^^)

    will wait for your updates~!!

  2. momo_chen: you don’t have summers!? huh?! lol I’m def not an expert at this..I’ve only begun! =)

    flyingcrispi: haha, sooner or later, you will be able to travel too, just take every opportunity that is handed to you! thank you!

    renaye: yeaa, I hear it is quite beautiful, I’m excited

    Meesha: lol I know, it’ll be a lonely summer without me =) jk jk, how are the dramas going? have you started any??

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