Departing for Summer

On Saturday, August 23rd, I will be heading off to China until September 18th. I will be spending the first 2 days and last 2 days of my trip in Beijing, while the rest of my trip will be spent in Guilin learning Chinese and experiencing the culture.

My itinerary is packed! I have something planned for EVERYDAY I’m in China, so I’m a bit overwhelmed, although….I’m sure it will be loads of fun =D

Everyone seems to be leaving this week! Janeemebe and Christina left to Korea for a month-long study abroad like me today, Anthony is going back to WSU, Brian is going to his med-tech school, Matt went back to his school in Hawaii, and Priscilleea is going to teach in Korea for ~6months. Did I miss anyone important?

Well I hope everyone who is leaving has a safe and adventurous time! As for this summer, I hope that everyone had just as much fun as I did. This was definitely the best summer vacation I have ever had. People weren’t kidding when they said college would be the best years. I am o-so grateful for the friends and family that I have; everyday is full of life =)

Enjoy the rest of summer folks! I will try my best to keep my blog updated while I’m in China but we’ll see…it all depends on how busy I’ll be, access to internet and censorship >___<

Please feel free to drop me a line and tell me about the wonderful summer stories you have =) I want to stay updated!


Oh, and btw- If you haven’t notice, I’ve been on a hiatus of reviewing movies and such! Once I’m back from China and situated, I’ll be back in action!



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12 responses to “Departing for Summer

  1. such a nice summer you have, since we don’t have summer break here. LOL~!

    anyway, pls take a really good care of yourself, ne (well i’m sure you’re an exoert in this ^^)

    will wait for your updates~!!

  2. flyingcrispi

    I’m just so jealous. Gna.
    Have fun traveling the world (or just China)!

  3. wow…. i have been to guilin when i was 8 or 9 years old? hmm i think it’s time for me to visit there again.

  4. Meesha

    ahh! i missing everyone already! have a safe trip and see you when you return! i’m enjoying the dramas tho! =0)

  5. Jfo

    momo_chen: you don’t have summers!? huh?! lol I’m def not an expert at this..I’ve only begun! =)

    flyingcrispi: haha, sooner or later, you will be able to travel too, just take every opportunity that is handed to you! thank you!

    renaye: yeaa, I hear it is quite beautiful, I’m excited

    Meesha: lol I know, it’ll be a lonely summer without me =) jk jk, how are the dramas going? have you started any??

  6. hehehe… coz.. here, everyday is summer LOL
    so we don’t call it summer holiday LOL.

    itterashai ^^

  7. Have a great time in China!

  8. janeemebe

    yay have fun! im excited to tell and hear stories. so far so good in korea. yay!

  9. don’t forget to visit the hills there.

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