PB&J: Beach and Photo shoot

My days are jammed packed with fun and amazing activities! Yesterday was so busy that it felt like 2 days! I went out with Janeemebe and Paul to get dinner at Samurai Noodle before heading out to the beach. We roamed around and enjoyed the sunset before Peter and Brian met up with us. When they came, we set up a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and made smores. And off some coincidence we caught the the Persied meteor shower!

Bonfire =D

We left the beach and went to Chinatown to get a late night snack and off we went to do a night-photo shoot =)

First off, we went to the infamous Gum wall, where we took our last jumping photos to show Paul.

Afterwards, we roamed the pier. We didn’t get home until 3:30am. (All photos from here and below are taken by Peter)


I love this photo

Well, obviously there are still more photos but I will end it here to keep it short. This might be the last photoshoot for PB&J for the summer since I will be heading to China for some studies on Aug 23, Janeemebe to Korea for studies on Aug 19th, and Brian to his med tech-school that is 3 or so hours away. Oh how I love this summer so much and how sad I am to see it slowly come to an end.

12 thoughts on “PB&J: Beach and Photo shoot

  1. ahhh sorry it’s taken me so long to reply; ive been crazy busy with summer school and whatnot! im in the midst of finals week right now..

    nen may hom nay tammy chi co ngu may tieng mot ngay a -_-zZz..

    tammy khong co hoc tieng viet trong lop bay gio, nhung em noi chuyen / text / chat trong tieng viet voi ban nhieu lam. nen bay gio, em nghi em viec gioi hon luc em hoc tieng viet o uw!

    khong phai em khong muon ddi vietnam; tammy rat muon ddi ma! nhung ba ma em noi bay gio phi tien qua vi phai tra tien ddi hoc.. nhung ddung lo, truoc sau gi tammy cung se ddi =]. song o tacoma khong co gi lam het!

    hope you have an amazing time in china, my dear! feel free to keep ray in check while youre there.. lol jk!

  2. whats ch3ch2oh? haha yay i have so much fun doing these photo shoots. HORRAH!

    but you mentioned how little time we have and that makes me uber sad… :-‘(

  3. Tammy: Tammy co nhieu ban ma nguoi Viet qua! “nhung ba ma em noi bay gio phi tien qua” – LOL. Khi ma Tammy ddi Vietnam, Tammy phai nhoi ddi voi ban vi ddi voi ba me rat la buon! Con mot thang nua trong mua he nay, Tammy co ddi ddau khong?

    Paul: lol I’m glad you caught that. I’m assuming that Ch3…. thing is alcohol lol, time for a break for you! bums of seattle are only collecting for booz and cigarettes I swear! oh, this has been such a good summer! Enjoy it now until your pharmacy days begin =) Oh, and you got to experience the joys of PB&J! how was it? lol

    Renaye: what!?! 10 years!? what have you been doing?! it happens 365 days of the year! lol

    Janeemebe: the photo shoots are one of the high lights of my year =D Everyone has been oh-so successful and fun. oh..the days…how they run so short

  4. err.. i think i have been busy looking for money but still at nowhere??

    haha … that was my first time in history entering a gent. but i was not surprised at all to see a guy coz i’m used to my office’s unisex toilet but then i have to keep in mind that i can’t do that in public!

    1. Dec30Kristin I have been following this case since day one and have alyaws thought Casey was guilty. Now there is so much circumstantial evidence that points directly to her. I can’t be sure though if it was pre-meditated or not.I don’t know why anyone would think it is okay that their child is missing for a month and they can try to find them on their own, it makes no sense even if there was a threat made on Caylee, if it were me, I would have found some way to contact police. One day last week, my son’s bus was twenty minutes late and I was already home by that time contacting the police. Fortunately, he was fine and the bus was late because it broke down, but it only took me minutes, not days to call police.In response to Fred’s post: This is just another example of children having children gone wrong. I resent this statement as I had my first son at 16 and my second at 20. They are both very loved and very well taken care of and have everything that they could ever possibly need or want.

  5. aww dang it, chac ba ma cua em khong cho em qua vietnam voi ban ddau. luc nao ba ma em cung so nguy hiem het.

    con mot thang he nua, nhung chac tammy khong ddi ddau dduoc.. ngoai ra camping cuoi tuan nay.. con nhieu nhat la chi canada thoi, chu khong ddi xa dduoc.

    chi nho mua may chup hinh moi dde chup rat nhieu hinh nhe!

    luc nao cung ddi travel het.. chi ddung thiec la mot nguoi may man lam!

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