Gone Camping

I went camping from August 4 to August 6th for the first time and it was awesome =)

We went to this campsite where there was a lake right beside it, so the view was spectacular. The trip was very abrupt! We talked about going camping for 1-2 weeks now, but when the day approached, no one mentioned it or had anything planned beside a set date. At 9pm on August 3rd, Peter, Brian, Janeemebe and I met up to get some bubble tea and planned our trip! We figured out who had what, who would bring what and then what to buy. By 10pm we were off to the grocery store buying all the good/food we needed. We dropped by Peter’s house to semi pack and by 1-2pm everyone was home packing to leave the next morning!

One of the most amazing parts was that since we wanted to save money on gas and paying for an extra car to park, we stuffed 4 people, a tent, 4 camping chairs, 4 duffel bags, 4 sleeping bags, a huge cooler, camping stove, food , 2 days of firewood and etc into Janeemebe’s Honda Civic! Brian and I didn’t think it was possible but thanks to her and Peter’s optimism, we tried it out and made it =D

On the 2nd afternoon, we had a fun surprise; Anthony, Paul, Steven, and Matthew joined us! Without calling or even figuring out where we really were camping, they somehow found us and added to the fun trip.

We spent our days fishing, feeding and taking pictures of chipmunks, hiked up a creek and just hanging out and cooking. It was peaceful and great. At night, after eating and talking, we would go out to the lake around midnight and star gaze. It was by far the best view of the vast universe I have ever had. You could see every star in the sky and there wasn’t a single cloud or city glow to hinder the view. In addition to that, there was good company =) Could you ask for more?

Peter set the camera up, set the timer and then hopped into the photo

The ONLY downer was the aggressive mosquitoes. The minute we drove to the campsite and tried to roll down our window, 5 mosquitoes flew in. We were constantly fighting off mosquitoes the whole trip. I ended up with 71+ mosquito bites…at least 34+ on my right leg alone. Brian got 40 some bites, Jane with 30 some, and Peter lost count after 75. As for the other boys, they got bitten as well, but nothing in comparison! And actually, Paul didn’t get bit a single time……and Anthony barely got bitten, even though he went around shirtless..

I’m scratching like crazy. I can’t take this. The mosquitoes here are 100x worst than in Vietnam. They itch more and are way more fierce. I collected more mosquito bites here over 2 nights and my 25 days in Vietnam.


13 thoughts on “Gone Camping

  1. janeemebe: ahh..I can’t take this itching..I itch everywhere..all day. it’s alllll over my feet!! and arms!

    brian chen: =D but I did mention star gazing! it’s at the paragraph above the group photo!

  2. I dont think you’re supposed to feed the chipmunks, but it has such cute huge cheeks!

    Looks a lot like fun! I dont envy your mosquito bites though. I have seven bites on my left foot and only there…mosquitos don’t like the rest of my body.

  3. hey~ that was such a baeutiful story 🙂
    i’ve never been to any camps.
    but the way u mentioned star gazing and stuff, really got me!
    seriously i love this so much. made my blue day turns sunny 🙂

    finished reading your vietnam’s trip. you really make me wanna go there!! sorry i didnt post at the correct place. hehehe… scared it would look like spamming in all your posts 😦



  4. Mosquitos… There are a lot of them here, so I’m always prepared. When smashing them against the wall, it feels like I’ve won a battle. Ah the smell of victory…
    By the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, the opening ceremony of the B.O 2008, you can download it here >http://www.mininova.org/tor/1680702

  5. Paul: =D definitely a memory that I will keep forever, especially the night sky

    Pris & Linh: yea…it probably is bad to feed them..but it was wayy to cute and..and…I wanted a photo O__O lol

    Peter: hahaha o well………at least I know that pple sort of look at what I write lol skimming isn’t bad..but when you miss a key pt… >___<

    Momo_chen: yay that was my first time camping and it was awesome! besides the mosquitoes… haha You wouldn’t be spamming =D Thank you for reading! it really means a lot that you and everyone actually read the jibberish I write all the time haha

    Flyincrispi: Mosquitoes are…horrible.I’m still itching lol. I need to be more prepared like you. I killed so many on the camping trip..but my efforts were futile lol OH and THANK YOU SOOO much for the torrent link! it made my day =] I’m currently torrenting.

    renaye: lol, survival of the fittest! do what you must to survive haha

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