Vietnam Part 3 of 5: Ky Quang Temple

The first site we went to when we started our volunteer time was Ky Quang. Something I regret from our trip was that we only went to Ky Quang once because of how little time we had.

Pictures in all these sites were almost impossible to take since the children would go crazy over our cameras. It was ESPECIALLY hard at this temple and the Minh Tam Orphanage.

Ky Quang Temple

A VERY small part of the temple

This was where all the kids and such played and ate at. Behind me is where we played with the children.

On the left of this photo is actually the view of the photo above. This girl was really sweet and the one that sang while clapping to the beat to us (read below to hear more).

As this handsome little boy sat there, he held my hand. I believe he has a spine problem because when I picked him up, his body would not move a certain way.

Taken during feeding time. The kids are all suppose to eat on their own and put away their own dishes.

Ky Quang Temple is a place where people with special needs went to. It ranged from children (and I believe some adults) who were blind to weak-sighted, mentally-handicapped to physically-handicapped, and so on and so forth. When you first enter the Temple, you will immediately be taken back by the architecture. At first, you might think it has a theme park-ish kind of look, but at the same time it’s beautiful and also known to be the most beautiful temples in the area.

It took 1-2 buses for us to get to Ky Quang from the Peace House. While we were at the temple, we played with and tended to the children. When we arrived, the kids were all playing with jigsaw puzzles and working really hard at them. Each one had a heart of gold and big-cute smiles that could warm any cold day. They LOVED taking our electronics, such as our cameras and running around to take photos of people. At first you might think that it’s pretty risky to let these kids run around with our electronics, but no no no, they surely are smarter than you think! Whenever you told them something they generally would listen, however they REALLY refused to return our electronics while we were there. When it was time to leave though, the kids all immediately gave back our stuff and ran to us giving us hugs and waving good-bye with their jolly faces. Also, on the way out, one of the girls sang us a song =D

Although we did not experience it, there are educational opportunities for a lot of the people that go there; they even have braille. Our days were too short to truly experience everything or teach them, but I’m glad we went at least once. I also give props to the workers at the temple since it takes a lot of patience to be with them; another thing I noticed is that all the workers were women! is that strange? perhaps not. I also think that the place is understaffed since it appeared that some kids were getting neglected when it was feeding time. Although the place is wonderful, there is still work to be done! Hopefully conditions will only get better.

For more photos from the Ky Quang Temple and the kids, please click >> HERE<<

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