Ooo home

After 25 or so days in Vietnam, Thailand and a small visit to Korea, I am back. I miss Vietnam VERY MUCH. This was the best vacation I have ever had and I’ve made so many amazing memories and friends that will stay with me forever.

It might take awhile before I write a thorough blog since I have so much organizing and catching up to do, but please look forward to new posts and photos!

ahh.. I want to be back in Vietnam.


7 thoughts on “Ooo home

  1. ahh i want to be back in vietnam too 😦

    i got like 12 hours of sleep tonight and was struggling to get up this morning at like noon.

  2. yo! it’s been ages ne~!
    i couldnt get a proper conncetion during my holiday 😦

    gotta catch up witur amazing trip!

    last, welcome back to your home. hehehe. why would i be saying this when we’re not in the same land?!

  3. Symons: Thank you much! although..instead of welcoming me back, you can just kick me out back to Vietnam, that would be even more splendid

    Janeemebe: ahh..I seriously miss it. I was going through pics of the trip and the monks and tears starting coming out of my eyes! AhhhhH. Have you got a new phone yet? same number?

    Linh: no, you see me!!! we have a lot of catching up to do

    renaye: lol, nothing exotic, most the things I’ve already tried before. The most “outgoing” thing we had was deer meat with noodles, and we all loved it, so we had it 3 times lol

    momo_chen: hellooo! it has def been awhile, I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in so long. haha your comment made me laugh =D Too much to catch up on AND i have to buy a new camera before I venture off to China..AHHhhh

  4. haha ya i got a new phone same number the day we got back. dude my sleeping is screwed up still. yesterday i thought it was back on track when i went to bed at 10 pm. but i woke up at 3 am and couldnt sleep till 7… then i slept till 1230. and at 630 i started getting tiiired… ah.

    ive been a recluse the last couple of days just trying to rest and catch up on things…

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