Camera woes

As the title says, I have some Camera woes… or shall I say, I have no camera.

After a good day at Chua La, where I got to take a ton of good photos and get group photos with all the monks, we all hopped on the bus to go home. On the way back, I somehow lost my camera, or someone jacked it. To make a long story short though, I’m pretty sure someone took it.

I’m not really too upset that I don’t have the camera, but I want my photos! There were 250 of them, and this was one of the first days I was able to hold on to my camera and take my own photos of the monks playing with each other, the interaction between us volunteers and the monks, the monks playing with our electronics and teaching. We got to do a huge group photo with the monks too! And it’s almost impossible to pull everyone together…oy..

I only realized I was truly camera-less last night when I wanted to do a video tour of the Peace House. I got pretty excited and then realized that I couldn’t…..argh!

Well..time to save money and invest in something new I guess. Any suggestions?


14 thoughts on “Camera woes

  1. thank u for the pictures. it’s an eye opener for me since i have not been to cambodia.

    oh dear. is there any camera u can buy from 7-11?

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that! I hope your able to do something about it. I think you should buy some disposable cameras. It will be a interesting experience. As for suggestions on a new camera i’m not even going to go there with you =P Take care!

  3. i would FREAK.

    by the way, did you call chua la, just in case you accidentally left it? because it happens.

    but i second the vote for disposable cameras right now. it’ll be hard to shop for a keeper camera while you’re there… unless you find a decent but cheap one to tide you over.

    anywayz… travel safe!

  4. Symons: I’m pretty sure she’s upset. She’s just making the best of things.

    Hope your camera pops up somewhere. Losing priceless materials sucks donkey balls.

  5. Pris: yeaaaa… -__- O well..I guess its a sign that I need a new one

    wtfplaces: ahh, I’m relieved that I only lost photos of THAT day because I upload my photos daily to my laptop, but oy…

    renaye: actually, I’m in Vietnam! For the camera situation, I think I will be using my fathers point&shoot in the meantime.

    Symons: haha I’m not mad, just upset that my photos are lost. time for a new camera!

    Brian:Disposable cameras? HmmM… we’ll seee. my dad has a cheap nikon pt and shoot, so lets seeee

    didi; it’s for SURE not at the temple cuz i had the camera on the bus for sure. and there def isnt a lost and found on the bus lol

    an176- ahh I wish it would pop up, o well… let’s hope for the best!

  6. ooooh…sorry to hear 😦
    i guess for the mean time, use one of the girls’ cameras or grab some disposable ones.

    but now you have more of an incentive to get a SLR when you get back to the States?

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