Day 11- Chua La

It’s already day 11 of the trip! Oddly enough we’ve already spent 7 days at the Peace house and dang has it gone by quickly! I’m already getting sad because we have to leave the kids.

There are 3 sites that we can go to:

1. Leaf Temple (Chua La)- which is 1hr 30min away and takes 2 buses to get to (The area is also known to have tons of mosquitos…which have bitten us like mad) The kids there are from the ages of 5-16years old or so and there are about 40 of them; 10-20 of them attend class. The kids are there because their parents are either too poor, they have been abandoned, or etc.

2. Ky Quang Temple-This is an orphanage and a place for the kids with special needs. We can teach and play here.

3. Minh Tam Orphanage- This is an orphanage where the kids are much younger. They range from the ages of 5mo to about 4-5years old. Some of the kids are there because they have HIV and cannot attend school, their parents are too poor, or their parents have abandoned them. Here we teach 25 kids and play with them.

Although I love all the sites and all the kids, my favorite is Chua La. The monks are all so kind and it’s so calming to be there. It’s almost impossible to express into words how wonderful these kids are; they work hard all day, they’re caring, they’re kind, they study hard, and so on and so forth.

Whenever we come, they ask politely to borrow our cameras to run around and take pictures, so I don’t have as many quality photos as I would like, but it’s more about them having a good time than me taking pictures right? We also let them borrow our MP3 players, which they dance to and I let them borrow my phone to play games =D

Duy is one of the newer monks. He’s a sweet kid that tries REALLLY hard in class. The thing is…Duy is illiterate, he can’t read or write Viet and he’s 9 years old… Yet.. he still shows up to class every day and is eager to learn. He tries his best and writes everything on the bored too. He’s always asking questions and always wondering if we’ll be teaching =)

He’s one of the shyer kids that rarely talks, but I reallly like him. He has a really great smile when his teeth shows.

Tra is a complete sweetheart, super friendly and always has a smile on his face =D

Sharing my MP3 player =D

Jane and Sandy teaching the class


Jane and I hard at work. haha

Em, Jane and I with the monks!

Thursday will be our last day here, then we’re heading to Thailand for a 5 day tour. I will seriously miss these kids. As for the Peace House, it will be hard to part from them as well, especially since everyone and Van (the staff worker) are really awesome.


8 thoughts on “Day 11- Chua La

  1. Your pictures are so cool and all the kids are really cute. Did I see the elephant pictured with his back to the class on the chalkboard? hahaha

  2. Cute pictures and even cuter kids.
    It seems like the trip is totally worth it, even the paying to volunteer part!

  3. Symons: I think Jane drew most the stuff on the board, I just mostly translated haa….or..Attempted too >__<

    Brian: lol I doubt you want an English lesson from me, I’m a horrible teacher

    Mitzilance: haha yes, that is a elephant with its butt to us, you can give props to Jane!

    Matt: wow…… -____-

    Linh: I think you should consider doing this! Although..the whole thing is kind of messy and its super relaxed. But the time with the kids is really awesome.

    Pris: =D it is! I’m sad that we have to leave soon, ahhh

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