Peace House

(I apologize ahead of time for the long post, but there is just too much to say and I don’t know when the next time will be for me to write something thorough)

On the 2nd day of at the Peace House, we got to visit a 2 different orphanages. The first orphanage we went to was one that specialized with disabled kids and the 2nd one was with kids that were either abandoned, their parents are too poor or have HIV (which limits where parents work or kids go to school) or etc.

The 1st orphanage we went to was called Ky Quang Temple. All the kids are just adorable. I would go into detail but my blog would be way tooooo long then haha. I didn’t get any pictures at the send place, which is called the Ming Tam Orphanage, but I’m sure I will later.

Tomorrow Jane, Em and I will begin teaching. We will go to Ming Tam Orphanage to teach tomorrow and then on Thursday and Friday we will go to La (leaf) temple where we will teach monks, who range from the ages of 5 to 20s.

As for the Peace House, since most volunteers rotate out after 2 weeks (although it seems like most people are doing 4-6week intervals), most of the ones we met the last few days have or are leaving, which is quite the bummer since everyone seemed really fun. The new people are really awesome too though. I kind wish we were staying here longer, since it’s a great setting. The 3 of us are like 3 old ladies though, going to bed at like 9 everyday. I don’t think the other 2 have slept past 11 yet lol

Oh and I got sick..wth? Runny nose and all, which makes it difficult to act normal since I don’t want to lose my voice or cough all over people, ahh. Em was sick ish too. She slept the ENTIRE day today.

Anyhoo, here are more pics from the orphanage. ( I don’t have time nor the right program to turn the photos right-side up, my apologies folks. Also, all photos I post while I’m on my trip will NOT be photoshopped)

Ky Quang Temple

The orphanage building in Ky Quang Temple. This orphanage specializes with children who are disabled.

This boy was sooo adorable

This little boy has a spine problem I believe because when I held him, his body would only move a certain way. In this photo he’s went and held my hand =]

Jane and a very affectionate little boy

The kids at this orphanage were just amazing. They took Jane and my camera and would run around taking pictures, and whats more amazing is that they took better care of the stuff than some of my own little cousins. When we got ready to leave they all got up to say good bye and give hugs =)


12 thoughts on “Peace House

  1. Nice update Jenn, strangely enough i read th entire blog backwards from the bottom up =P. Looks like your doing well, taking photos as usual and it look like your doing the world good by putting smiles on those children’s faces.

    p.s. Even tho I stay up late i don’t think i could answer a 7am IM. Next time.

  2. Wow, looks like you guys are having a great time. Hope you get better though. Getting sick on a trip is never fun.

  3. Hey Jen, i’m glad to see your update. It’s good to know that there are people like you guys doing this work. Makes me feel good reading your blog and seeing pictures of it. Makes me want to make a difference really soon. Take care over there. Being sick is never fun.

    I still have yet to learn a song on the piano, and YEA! is really close to starting up. Keep us updated!

  4. Amazing photos. This is the kind of stuff I’ve always wanted to do. Keep up the good work and keep taking photos like there’s no tomorrow!

  5. Brian: lol thats weird that you started from the bottom. The children here are all amazing and they’re soooo much fun to play with. haha well at least I caught you at 9am!

    Symons: yeaaa…I don’t usually take medicine but I am popping pills like nooo other since I want to get better

    An176: I seriously think you would love doing this. The Peace House is full of people our age and you meet new people ALL the time. It’ll be a good chance to get YEA! going too!

    Linh: Well a lot of the people at the Peace House don’t speak any English at all. We’re not REALLLLLY teaching, but trying haha. I use viet when it’s needed., which is actually quite often actually. We just saw the monks today and they’re just amazing kids, and sooo much calmer than the other kids we’ve visited =D

    renaye: me too. It’s heart breaking knowing that soo many of these cute kids became so unfortunate.

    Peter: oddly enough, I’m not taking as many photos as I thought I would or like. I think the heat is getting me haha. It’s also SUPER hard taking my camera out when I’m with the kids because they all scamble and take it away from me and such >___< haha o well, I wiill do my best!

  6. oh, Your blog is so wonderful that I am almost surprised…You were doing very well..Just ten days in VietNam but you did too much for the children, the monks, VietNam…

  7. Whitney: =] you might not like kids but you should try this out one day

    Kim Hanh: Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment =D I hope to one day return and spend even more time with everyone because the days we spent there were way too short

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