First blog of the trip

Hey folks! alas, I can blog! I won’t be going into thorough details but here are some photos!

Our first few days here we just shopped around, ate a ton and have been keeping busy. The weather here is absolutely nuts, and what makes it even more crazy is that it’s not even as hot as it could be. We’re constantly sweating and no matter how much water we drink, we rarely use the restroom since we just sweat it out. I have a billion bug bites already, AHHhH

We arrived at the volunteer house the other day; it’s called the Peace House. There are a ton of people here and they’re all around our age and are all wicked friendly. We got to go to 2 orphanages yesterday and play with all the children. Compared to the others, we’re staying at the Peace House for a super short amount of time. It’ll be a good few days while we’re here though.

Below are photos from the orphanage of disabled children. (I’ll have more photos here later..the internet is too slow to load photos and I gotta go..oh and no time to rotate…)

More pics laterrr! Please come back periodically if you’re interested!


6 thoughts on “First blog of the trip

  1. makes me sad to see orphans, but it makes me happy that u guys are making a difference! i’m waiting for more!

  2. didi: ahhaha I’m not a liar! For some reason the internet at my dads wont allow me to go onto my blog, but at the peace house it works just finee!

    anh176-We start our teachings tmr! I’m super excited. You should try something like this out sometime, it’s quite the experience.

    flyingcrispi: nopee, thats my friend Em =)

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