Two topics

Two topics!

First Topic:

The time has come! After several months of this chit chat about leaving, I am finally going.

Here is the plan:

Plane leaves at 1:40pm tomorrow and we will arrive in Vietnam at 11:40PM on June 26th.

On the 29th we are going to the dorm where Em, Janeemebe and I will be volunteering and teaching English for 10 days. Afterwards we will depart to Thailand for a 5 day tour, and then once we’re back we will have a few days to either roam Vietnam, shop, or do whatever.

Anxious? You bet I am. Please look forward to new posts and photos!

Second Topic:

PB&J went on another journey yesterday. Although this time it wasn’t for a photoshoot…instead, it was biking!

We started at Discovery Park and ventured to downtown Seattle, when the sun started to set, we headed back. Click >here< to see the path we went’s not completely accurate, but it’s basically it; a good majority of it were hills! how irritating..grr!

I’m quite out of shape…I could barely keep up with Peter and Brian! I need to train! but instead..I will be devouring yummy foods in Vietnam haha.

This is the view from Garfield Street (you can find it on the map by clicking >here< and following the red line ). Basically..we’re looking at where we biked to.

The total miles we covered…well it seems ambiguous right now because Peter took his GPS with him and and at Garfield Street we covered about 6.75mi already…so basically we did at least 12-15 miles? who knows…

Anyway…have a wonderful summer folks! keep me updated with anything that comes up.


3 thoughts on “Two topics

  1. I’m totally sticking with my powerpuff girls theory for you three (PBJ&J). Are you like, glued together? How often do you save the world from villains?

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