Summer Love

I thought I would blog more now that it’s summer, but it looks like I’ve been kept pretty busy! I leave in 3 days! am I ready? no..not really haha but it shall be fun. I got my suitcase ready and I need to start packing soon!



This summer started with a bang and I can only imagine it getting better. I’ve only had a true week of summer vacation and every day has been well spent with all of my friends. What does Summer Love mean? Well to me, it means loving summer and taking every opportunity I get to have a good one.

Thursday I went fishing with Peter, Brian and Janeemebe (Thanks Brian for taking us out fishing and taking care of us! Oh, and I learned that fishing is not for me). Friday I met up with a bunch of good friends to eat and just chat away about life. Saturday was spent getting Dim Sum in the morning with Emili, Anthony and Paul and then going to the bar at night, only to return home at 4:30AM >__< . And today I got up at 9AM and spent the day getting lunch with the usual crew and then going to the beach at night.

Oh, and special thanks to Anthony and Paul for coming down these past 2 weekends =D Although it’s a 5 hour drive 1-way, you guys still make the commute and have added to the joy of my summer vacation. And oddly enough, even though its 5 hours away, I probably see Anthony more than anyone..and recently Paul lol =D

As for PB&J, we’ll have to do more photoshoots! I’ll try to prove myself while I’m in Vietnam and Thailand! Please look forward to it. I’ll try to keep my blog/flickr updated if possible (although..I said that for my Japan trip..and we saw how that turned out……).

I’ll write a another blog before I leave on my trip, in the meantime, enjoy summer everyone =D spend it well and enjoy the weather (if you can) =)

(So we took photos of the word “Love” and “summer” but I would like to thank didi for putting them together and giving me the idea of “summer love” haha)

6 thoughts on “Summer Love

  1. Anthony: does my site seem like a spam site or something?! lol I do see you too much, it’s bad when I see you more often then some of the girls >__<

    janeemebe: ahh..Peter started a trend lol. Summer’s been good to us

    renaye: yeaa, go on holiday, everyone deserves it!

    Paul: the weekends have been really fun and busy. you’re always on the go!

  2. the prob with me is i’m not really a holiday person because i don’t like the feel of ‘my holiday has ended and now back to work’. if only i could go to work anytime i want…

    yea it’s annoying for that colleague of mine to demand for that 25 cents… and this is the first and the last time i want to do anything with her bout money matters.

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