Summer Vacation 08′


Since people seem to be enjoying the photos so much, I’m adding 2 more of the cool jumping photos that Peter took! Scroll down to see! I’ll put an asterisk * next the new ones =D


Even though I’ve been hanging out day and night for the past week, today was the first official day of summer vacation. The weather was great, I got ice cream and even went to the lake with a bunch of friends.

This is going to be quite the summer! I haven’t had a boring day yet, and I doubt there will be one. Of the 3 months of summer vacation I have, I will be gone for 54 days of it (assuming I counted correctly): 27 days in Vietnam and Thailand, and 27 days in Guilin, China (this is including the days our plane leaves). Even on my downtime, I’m constantly doing something, whether its cleaning, watching movies or doing whatever else happens to pops up.

And the RETURN OF PB&J after several months! and well.. I guess this would be PB&J^2 huh? haha

Below are a few neat photos that Peter took on our night out for photography =D (yes yes, though Peter is IN the photo, he also took them and did the settings. We did some awesome planning/timing to get these photos=D)

*Can’t get enough of me? wait until there are multiple me’s! haha*



We got hops!

This photo was taken by Brian. Our friend says it reminds her of an anime lol

Didn’t I warn you guys earlier that since I’m on break now… I will be blogging like crazy??

15 thoughts on “Summer Vacation 08′

  1. yay! i love summer! i hope the weather is nice and we should do this more often! oh yah…i got sun burnt =0P

  2. woaw… u got such a packed holiday lol ^^
    why dont u spend another 27 days here??? hehehe… since it’s alrdy near. hehehe…

    and my school is over. so dont worry, i really dont need classes this holiday. hehhe…

    the levitate pic is so cooool~! *heart* it

  3. meesha: lol I can’t believe you got burnt haha. Ahh….to bad the weather looks like its turning bad again.

    Brian: yay for PB&J. That night of photos was awesome! although, most our photography days are =D

    renaye: lol =]

    flyingcrispi: thanks! the powerpuff girls >___< just wow haha

    momo_chen: it’s just a random coincidence that its 27 days! I should prob recount though. I do intend to visit malaysia one day though! sometime in the near future hopefully! ๐Ÿ™‚

    janeemebe: ahh I seriously don’t know why people get bored of summer. Everyday is eventful

  4. i would say i’m quite updated with the current news. yea inflation is happening everywhere and many people who don’t earn a lot like me is really feeling the pinch and yet there are other people out there spending money like water. what an imbalance world.

    i’m efficient in money thankfully to myself for not having any materialistic desire except wanting to have more money in my account. XD.

    that’s why i’m planning to do business.

  5. mitzi: =D they were lots of fun! did you decide on your camera? hmm your main issue is size o.O ?

    renaye: business is a good choice, haha can’t really go wrong with that right? theoretically…

  6. yea but then i need to screw my head to think what business profitable given everything is on the rise… everyone now is spending their money after thinking thrice only.

  7. how did you multiply yourself??? I know it’s not just a camera trick…
    I am coming back tomorrow, just wait for my triumphant return!
    So is it set that you’re going to Guilin instead of Chengdu?

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