Since the Sichuan Earthquake occurred, the plan of going to Chengdu for a month-long program to learn Chinese culture and language has been quite wary. Our original itinerary was to go to attend Sichuan University and stay at the dorms there…however, the university is only ~60miles away from the epicenter of the quake and if any of you have been keeping up with the news, you’ll know that even until this day, aftershocks are still shaking the Sichuan province.

Like any family would, my family has been telling me not to go because of the dangers. However, I know that if I back out, it’ll probably be one of the biggest regrets of my life, so I’ve decided to just try my luck.

Just a few moments ago, my adviser called me and talked to me about the program and how she understand everyone and their parents’ are concern. She even said that HER mother told her not to go! lol.

Ever since the earthquake has occurred though, my adviser has been diligently making a backup plan. She told me that Asiana Airlines canceled our flight because of the dangers and aftershocks… Not to worry though! It looks like we might be heading to the Guangxi Zhuang Province instead, in the city of Guilin, China. The place is known to be beautiful, and just from the photos alone, I can only imagine how absolutely stunning it will be.

Where we will be staying:

And although the University isn’t as good as Sichuan’s, I think it’ll be an amazing trip nonetheless.

The school

The cafeteria

Click >here< to see a bunch of stunning photos people have taken in Guilin.

Let’s hope things work out =]


13 thoughts on “Relocating?

  1. aw thats awesome that your teacher has been so diligent preparing… itll still be amazing i am sure. i wonder how many people have canceled going?

  2. This is depressing.
    I wish I could go to places like that, but I’m stuck here, learning all about uterus, penis, mutation, hormones, and literature for THE exam on Friday.

  3. janeemebe: it is quite nice to have a very-prepared adviser, but at the same time…I want some free time! I dunno how many pple have canceled

    flyingcrispy: >___< what kind of classes are you taking!?? you should go on vacation, take a trip somewhere with your friends!

    meesha: =D it’ll be a good time…I hope haha

    renaye: Oooo for vacation? I hear a lot of tourist go there?

  4. Stick with it and take a million photos. We will have a meet-up session upon returning from Summer programs and trade pictures. Of course mine will be nowhere as cool as yours…but just pretend.

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