Movie Review: Koizora / Sky of Love

Yay another movie review! Instead of watching movies and writing reviews though…perhaps I should be studying for finals??haha…anyhoo.. My synopsis and review aren’t as well written this time though because it’s actually REALLY difficult to write about this movie without throwing in any potential spoilers… XD

Koizora ( Sky of Love) – Oh..and if you click on the link, it’ll send you to an awesome site of reviews, HOWEVER, there are spoilers on that link if you go pass the synopsis.

Trailer: (no subs)

Synopsis by me (no spoilers anywhere on this page!):

Koizora is a story about a sweet-naive girl named Maki and a silver-haired semi-trouble maker boy named Hiro. Based on a true story, the movie tells the tale of first love in high school and the heartaches and troubles they encounter along the way.

Movie Review:

Koizora is a very cute and heart warming movie, however, it does fall under the genre of “cliche” love story that can be quite predictable. I’m a chump for corny movies, so I found this a pretty good watch. At times, I got pretty convoluted about how much time passed because SO much happened in such a short time frame, but overall it was an easy story to follow. Also, the devolution for their love sometimes was just a bit surreal/unrealistic and just plain silly (I would usually elaborate on this..but that would be spoiling it!). On the plus side though, actress Aragaki Yui and actor Miura Haruma do an amazing job in their roles, making it difficult to not fall in love with their characters as they battled love and hardships. This movie is known to be a huge tear jerker, and although I didn’t cry, I can definitely see why a lot of people would. Overall, I liked this movie a ton; interesting story, warming, and excellent acting. Before I forget…does no one in that school use the library or something? lol -___-

Oh! and the big question to ask is…do you REALLY believe that this story is based on a true one? Supposedly, the story is based off the author’s actual experience, but is it possible to have all that happen in that little of time? Some say its very unrealistic, but as for me..I think some of its a true story… that got exaggerated…just like every other big-screen movie.

On a side note…the bleached hair on Hiro looks really weird at first, but as I continued watching the movie, the crazy blond hair grew on me oddly enough. It was a part of the character and it was almost weird seeing him without it in the movie.

My rating: 7/10
Should you watch it? If you like cliche-sappy love stories, this is a winner. Although…I have heard this is a “hit or miss” kind of movie.

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MovieXclusive: 3/5
Imdb: 6.5/10
Yahoo: A

If you want to watch the movie, it’s streaming on crunchyroll! click >here< to watch! Apparently it has just been licensed recently! hmm….*ponder ponder*

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10 thoughts on “Movie Review: Koizora / Sky of Love

  1. OMG, this is so cliché ( the french word ppl love to use, along with voila and déja vu, lol )!

    I kinda watched it in fast motion (not sure it’s a word, but hey, you say slow motion, why not fast?!), so I propably missed the greatness of the movie.

    I aslo might be the only person in the world who wanted Maki to be happy ever after with the rebound guy (Kendai university, second year dude).

    Overall, it was not a crappy movie (soooo predictable, but I’ll pass on it if I don’t want to spoil anyone).

    I’ll go with MovieXclusive on this one.

    (Btw, I don’t get “silver head”. He’s obviously as blond as Pamela Anderson. Silver is more like shiny grey… )

  2. i love this movie so much!! i cried like never ending. i got so emo the whole week, i remebered the scene when i went to bed and when doing other things. keep thinking and thinking. hehehe…! i just love this movie.
    i love how hiro approach mika! the cellphone thingy~
    kyaaa. i love it. i love gakki~! haha…

  3. didi: lol yea, i totally agree, way too much happened. Like when the movie said that they were ONLY going into their 2nd year, i was like wth?!

    flyingcrispi: lol yea, it wasn’t like the best movie in the world, but i liked it =D it was really cute haha, but yes. I think you didnt get to feel as connected with the characters because you fast forwarded it! lol o well, either was def predictable >__<

    momo_chen: I’m not a big crier in movies! but I did get really side and i felt that tingle in my cheeks lol The movie does stick on my mind though, it was really cute and well done, even though it was quite cliche haha

    Brian: I think you would def like this lol, we should watch it! I have many movies to show you =D

  4. its cinema lifespan in malaysia was extremely short and no publicity whatsoever. so i don’t think many people watch it at all.

    i might read the book or just watch on crunchyroll.

  5. yea… oil prices is really affecting malaysian citizens but that’s actually another whole lot of issue because the government suddenly increased the oil price 41% last week. this is absurd and unfathomable because malaysia is an oil producing country.

  6. its not available on crunchyroll anymore!!!!!!!!!!!! any other alternatives? anyone? pls..i really need to watch it. and you can watch it on veohtv…but you’ll need to suscribe. meaning,,you must pay. i cant. so thats why im sounding pathetic right now.

    but still,,this movie is great and you guys should seriously go and watch it!

  7. renaye: i wonder how good the book is, or..where I can find it. I can’t beleive oil prices went up 41% where you live, that is absolutely ridiculous

    hiyono: hello! hmm I guess I should have expected it to become licensed >__< I’ll try to find an alternative..and I usually find downloads pretty easy..but not for this one for some reason, rawr.. o well. I’ll keep my eyes out! thanks for informing me! lol did you just want to watch it again?

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