Wing Luke Asian Museum

Wow..Already June 1st! One more week of school, and then finals week right after. Yay for summer (but too bad there hasn’t been any nice weather though…).

For any of those who can, please go to the Wing Luke Asian Museum! I went with a bunch of friends today to catch lunch and then headed to the re-grand opening of museum. Everything in there is amazing! It’s sooo interesting! It’s not totally complete yet but they have enough stuff to keep you entertained for hours, especially if you are interested in Asian history, particularly Asian-American history and the hardships of immigrating to America.

We arrived at about 12:30 or so we only saw a brief part of the Lion Dance before they departed. The drumming/music made it really lively though! Here are some photos from it =D

Lion Dance

Vietnamese Artwork

You can’t tell in the photo, but there are 8 beautiful carvings of Chinese men and women

This was hanging on the ceiling like a chandelier, and there is actually a 2nd part to the artwork where you take these huge fancy fans and fan them, causing the chimes to ring.

This was the last exhibit. In actuality, this is a backdrop to a theater room.

The Wing Luke Art Museum ROCKS, especially because it made me really appreciate my major in International Studies of Asia.

Ooo and since I don’t ever do this, thank you everyone for commenting and visiting my blog! I always look forward to reading what everyone has to say =D

Btw..does anyone know how to install google analytics to wordpress?! I tried downloading stuff, etc etc..and nothing is working for me ;___;


10 thoughts on “Wing Luke Asian Museum

  1. All i can think about when i think chinatown is Mike’s Noodle House! SO GOOOood! take me!!!!!
    do you realize how many exclamation marks went into this comment?!?!?!

  2. About google analytics: your blog is hosted by wordpress.COM , so you can’t upload any plugin or theme or whatever .
    You can do it with wordpress.ORG but you’re probably going to have to download software and pay a fee for hosting.

    More about it in the wordpress’ faq (look for plugins, vs.

  3. Linh: hmm well when you return from cali, call me up! I don’t leave to VN til june 25th.

    janeemebe: yay for bunchamunchas =D

    Brian: after the museum, we went to uwajimaya =D when i got home..i did homework lol I’m pretty boring

    flryncrispi: =D thanks for the help! its very nice of you. hmm..everything is about money isnt it…

    renaye: aww I’m quite jealous! I’ve never seen a REAL lion dance live before..I hope I get to one day. do you think there are videos of the lion dance people you speak of on youtube? do you know the name?

  4. err….. i know there’s going to be a documentary on malaysia’s lion dance group. so … watch out for that program on discovery channel?

    i will try to find out the name.

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