Passport woes

Last Friday, my adviser for my Exploration Seminar program in China, asked for all the students to turn in their passports to her so that she could turn it in to the travel agency all at once and get our Visa‘s made to enter China in the end of August. Unfortunately though, there were 2 students who did NOT turn it in yet for some reason, causing our adviser to hold off on submitting our applications/passports.

On Wednesday, I realized that I still needed to get my Visa done to enter Vietnam… A Visa generally takes 2 weeks to get, and my trip to Vietnam is in 20-some days! There would be no time! It would take 2 weeks to get my China Visa..and then another 2 weeks for my Vietnam one assuming I got everything back on time! -__- Why do both the countries I’m going to require Visa’s?!

Well, I emailed my adviser asking if she had submitted our applications yet and if not, could I go get it and then get the China Visa on my own later. (Did I ever mention that I think I am one of the luckiest people in the world?) Apparently, she had JUST turned in most of the passports/applications because she was tired of waiting for the 2 irresponsible students. My adviser called the travel agent and told them to put my passport aside so that I could pick it up; I also called right after and made sure they had it put aside and that they made note of it.

I was planning to go in after 3pm yesterday when my classes ended, but my adviser recommended I go early in the morning, so I got off work. Lucky for me I went early!! When I got to the travel agency, they had NOoO idea what I was talking about! No one put anything aside or made note of me or my adviser calling…Once we figured everything out, we found my passport with the rest of my Exploration Seminar’s group of passports waiting to get sent away in an envelop………………………………………………


7 thoughts on “Passport woes

  1. every time you have to go to someone else, they never have any idea what you’re talking about. it’s basically…. playing telephone.

  2. didi: i hate the telephone game!! they could have at least put a posted note out somewhere tho.. ;__; lol

    flyingcrispi: hahaha…seriously, I think I’m seriously one lucky duck. In the end, it always turns out good right??? >.>

    Linh: lol, Cho den! not like I have an “original” name either huh? O and yea! are you going back home after school ends for a little bit? Whens ya last final?

    Peter: you SERIOUSLY crack me up…. I can’t believe that worked lol. If I didn’t actually know you, I would think you were just another person putting crap on my site and report you as spam.

  3. anytime you call to make sure someone did something…make sure to get their name, that way if something goes wrong you know who to make the complaint about =0) yes…i’m just a mean person, but if a person tells me they are going to do something important for me, they better do it! =0P

  4. My last final is Wednesday of finals week, and then I have to go home immediately. i am in CA from june 13-23 šŸ™‚
    then after that, i’m alllll yours.

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