Ahh…been busy lately.. I have soo much to post about, but too little time. Final exams and papers are all coming up! I’m feeling the pressure. 2.5 weeks of school and I’m off to summer vacation šŸ˜€

In the mean time, this isn’t anything exciting to read but it’s a recap on my weekend..Why do I write these? because I think I’m slowly losing my mind. I can barely remember anything past 1-2 days….

Friday: after work, went to the Folklife Festival with Didi, Janeemebe, Em, and Gangan.

These were selling at the folklife festival!

Saturday: Hung out with Peter, Anthony, Paul, and Brian. Here is the highlight of the night: Anthony and Peter’s younger brother Mathew had a ton of friends over. I don’t really know their names so lets call them Boy A and Boy B. So the two of them made a deal where if Boy A drinks 2.5 shots of liquor, he could use Anthony’s taser gun on Boy B’s crotch…… -___- Surprisingly enough, Boy B agreed…

Sunday: Went with my lunchtime eating crew to Chinatown. We ate at Mike’s Noodle House, and then wandered around. We ended up going to some nice place with this man-made waterfall and then to Kobe Terrance Park. That night, I hung out with the boys again and also with Em. The original plan was to go to the bars, but instead we went to Priscilla’s place and spent the night playing Beer Pong. I got home at 5AM.

(click photo for description)

Monday: Today was Memorial Day weekend, so no school! I didn’t spend it sleeping in though…I woke up at 9 something and got ready to go to our friends birthday lunch. After lunch, went with my brother to sell a car because my dad decided to move back to Asia lol..sporadic man…When I told the buyer of the car that we were selling it because my dad moved out of the country, he asked “so..does he know you’re selling this?” lol And finally, I am ending my day with homework.

so basically…3% homework < 97% fun. I need to focus more….I think..I’ve only gotten 4-5hours of sleep a night for a week and a half now. O goodness.


9 thoughts on “Busy

  1. Awesome pictures as usual! I luv teh one with the little dancing dolls or whatever…
    And what’s memorial day?

  2. yay fun weekend. how very full of activities. yes hw crunching time. *boo* btw… i am totally addicted to amazon and online shopping…

  3. flyingcrispi: thank youuu. Memorial day is a US thing. It’s a day to remember all the people who lost their lives doing military service and such

    janeemebe: it was def a fun weekend, but dang..I wish I got more homework done!! you get addicted to things too fast

    Linh: lol it is sad ;___; because my grades will be reflecting on it hahah >.>

  4. busy ne? goodluck in studying for exams. ā¤
    way to go for the 2.5 weeks. me… another 3 or 4 weeks. hiks.

    why you will have such a nice holiday!! *jealous*


  5. oh yeah, zymogenetics…i’ve always wondered what those towers are. but i am too lazy just to google it. so i’ll keep wondering without answers.

  6. hehe… can u imagine that’s the only of the video been produced.. there was a producer saying he’s gonna produce more … so we gotta need some ear wax and some ear plugs …

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