Movie Review: Crows Zero

Ah, It’s been awhile since I’ve done a movie review! It’s not that I haven’t seen any new movies (because trust me I have), it’s just that I’ve been lazy. Some recent movies I’ve seen are Iron Man, 21, Forbidden Kingdom, and so on and so forth…In which case, those 3 movies I listed were all really good watches! If you haven’t already, check them out!

Well, here goes!

Crows Zero (Kurozu Zero)

Trailer: (also, if you click on the link above, you’ll find a subbed trailer)

(NO spoilers, I swear!)

Synopsis by me:

Crows Zero is a story about Suzuran High School, which is infamous for being the toughest and most bad ass school around. The goal of the school isn’t based on sending your kids to a fine college and receiving a wonderful education but instead, the teachers are shoved out of the picture and the students have created a feudal system of physical violence; the objective? Control and rule Suzuran. Suzuran is split into different gangs based on their classes and reputation, so in order to rule Suzuran, the leaders must prove their nobility through fighting to recruit more members and building alliances. The current leader of the school is Tamao Serizawa (Takayuki Yamada), who is inches away from full reign of the school, however new-boy Genji Takaya (Shun Oguri) transfers in for the sole purpose of also taking over Suzuran.


The movie did not begin as I had thought it would, but it did eventually trail into a story about punk kids fighting for reign over their high school. There were also a handful of unexpected hilarious and quirky parts that added to the enjoyment of this 2hr movie of violent action. I personally favored Serizawa’s and his crew best, but that’s because even though he had the role of mr. big-shot, he was still quite silly and caring. Perhaps you’ll agree with me once you see it? The cinematography was brilliant, from the fighting scenes to the use of umbrellas at the end. The most difficult part I had with Crows Zero is that I kept getting people mixed up! I couldn’t remember who was in what crew and etc. Some other cons to the movie was probably the attempted romance in the movie with Genji and Ruka (Meisa Kuroki)…I didn’t really get that at all. Ohh, and the ending seemed only mediocre? …but once again, that might just be me? Nonetheless though, I really liked all the little side stories (even though they seemed kind of scattered at times) and the entire movie general. Great action, good acting and excellent story.

My rating: 8/10
Should you watch it? Yes! Action, humor and well made.

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20 thoughts on “Movie Review: Crows Zero

  1. Brian: you should watch it! I’m sure you’d like it, I’ll try to burn it, maybe we can have a movie night! =D

    Meesha: lol anytime! and then you can play wii fit 😉

  2. hmm… sounds to me like it’s adapted from manga-like story …. i might watch it if i could get it online but first need to watch my kuitan series first.

  3. yes. taxis r kinda a hassle. and the money making seminar is darn exciting. i wish it won’t end so fast… and i’m feeling good now.

    i’m usually a coward when comes to do sales… i dare not open my mouth… but after the seminar… my mind keeps on hynoptising me to open my mouth .. do sales even though a part of myself said ‘i’m not meant to do this deal.’ so i could see there’s improvement in myself.

  4. momo_chen: I was REALLY surprised that it was funny! very unexpected..I thought it would be serious, badass and such the whole way through

    renaye: You’re actually right! it is adapted from a manga 😀 oo my friend let me borrow Kuitan a while ago, I haven’t started it yet though. Tell me how you like it when you’re through!

  5. i absolutely loved this movie! alot of action with a mixed with a little bit of humor…the action scenes are awesome! but unlike you, i actually preferred Genji’s group…but despite their badboy appearance, all of them have their softer sides too…they’re all great & unique in their own ways…I just love Genji the most! =P

  6. Linda: i loved the movie as well! I’ve been watching a TON of movie these past few weeks and I think Crows Zero has been the best of them all. haha, I kinda figured most pple would like Genji’s group more, =] thanks for stopping by!

  7. raygour: haha i agree, i totally prefer the Serizawa Tamao group, awesome group =D thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, always appreciated =)

  8. Yeah I much preferred Serizawa, cooler and I thought was a better fighter than Genji, his kick was awesome. You’ve definitely got to see the second one that came out earlier this year, not on DVD, but there’s a Screener online already so just watch that. All the same characters are back and they have to fight a rival school, kicks ass xD

    Haven’t found many other films like this, got any recommendations?

  9. connor: yeaa, Serizawa group was too cool. I had no idea there was a 2nd movie. I haven’t been keeping up with my asian movies this years since I’ve been so busy >___< thanks for letting me know! hmm recommendations..? Have you seen Ip Man, it's a Chinese movie, and pretty awesome

  10. I love Crow Zero.. Espeacialy Crow Zero2.. Genji solo fight with Housen High.. haha.. I give it 5:5 star..

  11. Man, this crow zero had a big impact on our school boys. The impact is on their dressing sense and the way they take ciggrattes. but seriously it had the biggest impact on me. I had watched it over 15 times and i still want to watch it again and again. I also heard that crows zeroIII is coming is it true???

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