A fun weekend awaits

Although my weekend has only begun, it started off with a hit. The sun was out, the breeze was great, I had good company and even the night air was perfect. I have a ton of homework, papers and presentation to prepare for by Monday and Tuesday…but I think I’ll just take advantage of this lovely weather and spend it with friends =D

Yesterday, I met up with a bunch of the girls after work/class and enjoyed the weather at the lake and then went to out to eat =D I love this weather, it makes everything even more perfect. Just being able to hang out freely like this without any worry is the best isn’t it? I’m going to miss days like this once college is over.

Today, I will be picking up with didi and going to the UW Street Fair and then meeting some other people there. Afterwards, we’ll head to the UW Aboredum for some flower photos and then celebrating my bro’s birthday (which was on May 7th) with his friends at dinner. yay

As for Sunday…I’m hoping I can get SOME homework in…. >____<


8 thoughts on “A fun weekend awaits

  1. renaye: thanks! ahh its coming near to the end of the quarter so I’m gettin antsy and barely spending time on my homework/assignments.. I had buncha time yesterday too.

    anonymous: o.O

    momo_chem =D thank you much! Its always nice to hear that other pple enjoy my photos

  2. anonymous: lol…is this anthony? because if I say yea! lets hang out!…and it’s not you..that’d be embarassing >.>

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