Current Events: Sichuan Earthquake

UPDATE: May 16, 2008

Myanmar: Myanmar cyclone death toll nearly 78,000

  • “The cyclone’s official death toll has nearly doubled to almost 78,000 and another 56,000 people remain missing two weeks after the devastating storm, state television reported Friday.”
  • The Red Cross fears the toll may be as high as 128,000; the U.N. estimates more than 100,000 died. The U.N. estimates some 1.5 million to 2.5 million survivors are in desperate need of food, water, shelter and medical care. Aid groups have reached only 270,000 so far.

Sichuan, China: Survivors pulled from rubble of China quake(There are also links to videos of the damaged caused if you follow the link)

  • “Officials have said the quake’s final toll could reach 50,000.”
  • “The official death toll had risen to about 22,069 on Friday, and another 14,000 still were buried in Sichuan.”
  • “The U.S. Geological Survey said the latest tremor measured magnitude 5.5, one of the strongest among dozens that have shaken the area.” ( Can you believe that even though it’s been a few days now, aftershocks are still going on and are THIS strong?!)

Bear in mind that these are all “official” numbers and that unofficial numbers tend to be higher.


Have you guys heard about the earthquake that occurred in the Sichuan Province?? I’d be very surprised if not! It was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and the death toll is exceeding 12,000. Aftershocks from the quake reached Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and so on and so forth. Ahh…Is this world coming to an end? Just last week there was that Myanmar Cyclone, where death tolls reached about 40,000 in addition to the thousands missing. Furthermore, a Red Cross ship with aid going toward Myanmar ending up sinking because it hit a submerged tree trunk -___-

I’ve said this to several people, but I’ll say it again…either global warming is really taking its toll on us and the world is coming to an end, or I’m just old enough to understand what’s going on in the world nowadays.

Although it’s several months away, this summer, as many of you know, I will be going to study for about a month in Chengdu, China. With the current natural disasters going on, people are getting really concerned! Even me! Especially since the school I will be attending is Sichuan University in Chengdu. A student from the university actually filmed the earthquake while it was going on too! Check out the article and video by clicking >Here<.

Our advisor emailed us saying:

“I contact the Sichuan faculty last night. Chengdu is spared from the horrible earthquake, even though it is just 60 miles from the epicenter. I also contacted the IPE office, and they told me that our seminar will continue as planned.”

But yes…I can’t imagine being in their position. It’s heart breaking hearing about these events. Let’s hope for the best to the people in China and Myanmar.

(I think I write too much….time to focus on cutting down again..)


7 thoughts on “Current Events: Sichuan Earthquake

  1. I cry when I hear about these events and I’m not ashamed to say it. Such sadness, like parents waiting outside of a collapsed building site to see if their child’s name has been written on a blackboard indicating that they are dead.


    Perhaps you can visit these places this Summer and learn more about the reconstruction efforts. I heard that in some towns 80% of the buildings are gone.

  2. i’m so late. i didnt know about this news
    so sad 😦
    I hope everything will be alright… Gosh losing someone is totally hard…
    let’s pray for their best.

  3. there’s crazy wild fires in florida and 858 tornados in the midwest… floods too. well it’s not global warming. They said it was la nina (colder waters in the ocean). Hopefully the world is not ending.

  4. Linh: ahh I know exactly what you mean. My heart just drops every time I read a new article. I can’t believe how much damage was done; you should watch this video..

    Janeemebe: I’m up for going! but I think we have too many plans this year as it is >___<

    momo_chen: ahh, a lot of people didn’t hear about the earthquake until even today! Let’s hope for the best

    renaye: i know a few people that don’t care about global warming because their excuse is that they won’t be here for the worst of it… -__-

    Anthony: the weather is going nuts. I know it’s not JUST global warming but it sure does play a factor in the changes going on. Ah I don’t know what’s worst..natural disasters or man-made…

  5. unfortunately some people just want ‘business as usual’. and oh yea … they don’t care if the world is going crazy since they won’t be ‘here’ one day.

    people said that because they haven’t feel the effects yet. they r not the cyclone or the earthquake victims… they don’t understand the ‘feeling’.

    last night i was talking to a friend who keeps on telling me there is so much of land in this world and if we were to do landbanking… we r gonna be rich… he never listened to the part i said ‘there’s a capacity limit for everything on this world and we have already hit over the capacity’ and then i got shot back with ‘israel can plant forest in desert why not humans developing the desert?’… he’s so not listening. and imagine there’s a million or bilion of dickheads like my friend.

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