Out of the box

These past few days have been busy for me…I feel like I’m always on the go and I need proper sleep. But anyhooo.

My bro and I took my father to the airport just a few hours ago…and boy was that entertaining.

We arrived at the airport around 7:50pm, which seemed right on time since my dad said the plane was to leave at 11:00pm. When we got there though, we were the FIRST people in line..? One of the workers then told us that the line would not be formed until 9:30p….ehh?? that did not make sense at all since you usually had to be checked in at least 2 hours before departure on international flights! My dad pulled out the paperwork and I saw that it actually said “0110” -__- so basically…1:10 am..and not 11:10 pm… we were a “few” hours early… My brother and I roamed a bit, got food, starbucks for my dad and etc. Did I mention that I have a test tomorrow? lol anyhoo

We finally said goodbye to my dad around 9:45pm when he got all his stuff checked in. To get out of the the parking lot, we had to pay the meter machine. I put the ticket thing in and we had been there 1hr and 59minutes, which would cost $7. At first I was going to pay in cash, so I pulled some money out but my brother kept commenting on using a credit card, so I took out my credit card and put it in the machine. The machine kept rejecting my card though! We double checked the image of how to put the card in, tried several more times, and then got fed up with it and tried putting cash in instead. Then the f-ing machine rejected my cash too! wtf?

Finally, we switched to a different machine. I inserted the parking stub into the meter and it read “2:00hrs.” I put my credit card in again but it still got rejected. Again, we checked the image as to how to insert the card, read everything and it wasn’t like I had credit problems or anything either! Finally, my brother turned my credit card the other way and inserted it..and voila. HOWEVER..by that time, the machine read “2:01hr”… so I got charged $9….

Apparently..I can’t think out of the box…and it ended up costing me an extra $2.


7 thoughts on “Out of the box

  1. “Finally, my brother turned my credit card the other way and inserted it..and voila.”

    Did you feel a little blond after that? Just kidding πŸ™‚
    Now you know, you always have to try something in every way possible even if it seems stupid. You should know that if you have Windows. πŸ˜€

  2. haha omg… THAT was the only problem?!! YOU GUYSS! omg… you deserve that extra two dollars for your silliness.

    anyway good luck on your test!

  3. flyingcrispi: omg..your windows comment lol -___- I know..i know…. i SHOULD have known. Sometimes I’m very concerned about my future when I do things like this…

    janeemebe: hey! I copied what the photo told me to do!! whooey! and I did pretty good on my test btw!

    Symons: lol windows bashing…ahhh too funny. You know, the Taiwanese Night Market was kind of disappointing….I need redemption…RICHMOND

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