On my mind

Whats on my mind:

  • It’s still cold again outside
  • Chai tea latte’s with soy, extra hot or with ice, are for winners
  • Folklife Festival is soon, does anyone want to go? I went last year and there is tons of good food..and TONS of hippies…
  • One more midterm this afternoon and I’m golden
  • Raisin bagels are quite tasty
  • I want to start a business, and I have 2 in mind…and they’re not in this country
  • I absolutely hate it when I have to touch door handles with my bare hands
  • Should I buy a better camera?!
  • I have an addiction… to Flickr
  • It’s my brother’s birthday today! Be sure to wish him a good one and remind him that he’s getting to be an old man =D
  • I want to go to Canada!
  • I haven’t kept up on reviewing movies like I use to
  • I reserved the Rebel Xti from May 23-May 29th =D
  • Jdoramas: I love Puzzle, ROOKIES, and Last Friends. Still need to see Hokaben and Gokusen 3
  • Wii Mario Kart is awesome. Try to beat me.
  • Why haven’t I tried playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl yet?!
  • I want to take more pictures…..but of what?
  • I can’t wait until this school year is over

14 thoughts on “On my mind

  1. What’s on my mind after reading what’s on yours…
    -i wanna go to Canada too
    -i agree door handles are gross
    -yay for finishing midterms
    -Happy B-Day to Bruce
    -i need to buy a camera soon
    -what is a Rebel Xti?
    -i wanna go to folklife too
    -weather= :-/
    -wow i haven’t played Wii in a while
    -i want it to be summer time soo bad!!

  2. Pris: haha yea the weather is just ridiculous.. grrr. You don’t have a camera? What have you been using on your previous trips? A Rebel Xti is a nice, big camera, it’s what Peter owns. Yay for summmer trips!!

    renaye: lol, I was a bit confused at first. You’re from, Malaysia? The folklife festival is pretty neat! Although, you see WAY too many odd people haha, good food though =D Thanks for stopping by! It’s always nice hearing from pple

  3. yea i’m from malaysia. sorry for the confusion… hehe. malaysia doesn’t really have this kind of festival … the most we have is music festival and some bon odori.

    oooh i love food.

  4. My response to yours:
    It’s raining on Mother’s day =0(
    I don’t like tea
    When is the Folklife Festival (actually I can just look that up
    Midterms are neverending for me
    I don’t like raisins, but I like bagels
    what kind of businesses, and no you are not allowed to move away!
    i don’t like touching doors either, but i do because i forget
    what kind of camera and how much, is it worth it?
    at least it’s only flickr your addicted to =0P
    happy belated birthday to your brother
    when’s the canada trip!?
    i saw cloverfield last night and hated the ending!
    i don’t know what a rebel Xti is, but I think it’s a camera
    i need to watch more dramas!
    i will kick you butt at Wii Mario Kart, invite me over! =0P
    ‘shucks’ i wanna play super smash bros!
    take pics of your friends and things that are imp to you
    this school year needs to seriously be over….

    ok, so way longer response than I expected lol! =0)

  5. Janeemebe: we have a lot of work to do this summer… from volunteer work to trips to businesses.

    renaye: hmm one of the businesses is a video recording company i.e record weddings and do video editing etc. this sounds super crazy and dumb lol but I found a niche and if I could get good at these, I can easily get connections and hopefully prosper

    Meesha: you don’t know what folklife festival is!??! lol you’re also silly cuz I linked it on my blog. You’re missing out on life for not liking raisins. I dunno what kind of camera yet… ranges from $300-600 lol. I heard cloverfield sucked, I cant believed you watched it. Psh, you wish you could beat me in Mario Kart, it’s in my blood.

  6. the other business is PHO. 🙂
    you told me about folklife last year, but I’ve forgotten so i just might have to check out that link…

  7. ooh.. i’m sure any kinds of business is good once u get to detect the niche market. i’m also trying out to do some business here…

    yea.. i’m always blunt. and i seriously hate people smoking. sometimes i tell them pls use the money u buy cigarettes to invest with me and i will make ur money grow on trees.

  8. Linh: lol.. Toi khong muon moi tiem pho! At this rate..summer will never come… dude the folklife fesitival is full of hippies..kinda fun, lots of good food and etc, i bet you’d enjoy it! it gets kind of weird sometimes though…

    Renaye: lol “pls use the money u buy cigarettes to invest with me and i will make ur money grow on trees.” – love it haha

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