Lookin’ good outside

The weather has been crazy lately. One day it’s snowing, one day it’s raining, another day it’s just super cold and windy. Since of yesterday though, I believe spring has finally come! Or at least I hope so… It’s short-wearing season! I’m tired of being cold, lets have some sun already. The good weather reminds me of all the fun times I had last spring and summer =] Let’s have just as good of a time this year…or even BETTER!

It was warm enough yesterday that I could run around my yard in shorts taking pictures without any concern =D I also discovered that since I’ve came back from Japan, I need to take my actual camera around more often because my phone camera really disappoints me.

You know what else good weather means?? I can finally wash my car! whooey! I’ve been feeling embarrassed about it lately whenever I drive people around, so it’s about time Samurai Silver gets a good washing.

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12 thoughts on “Lookin’ good outside

  1. At least enjoy today, the rain is coming!!! I’m glad you finally realized you should take the camera with you where ever you go hah. Hope to see you around!

  2. hahahah omg you made me laugh at the last part when you were like o and now you know what this good weather means… and that youve been embarassed about samurai silver! haha.

    anyway YES SUN SUN SUN! pleeasee?!

  3. At least your car is all nice and shiny on the inside…that’s all that matters right…what’s on the inside 🙂

  4. Brian: ahh and the sun only lasted 1 day..that’s a shame. I use to carry my camera around ALLL the time, but over the last few months I got lazy…o well, lesson learned haha

    Janeemebe: dude, samurai silver was filthy!! the exterior is now clean thanks to my dad, but now I must clean the inside. and thanks! =D

    Linh: the inside isn’t actually clean ;__; i dust it regularly and such..but oy.. i’m a bum. let it be sunny again so i can go outside some more!!

  5. The flowers… *pretty*

    i LOVE your pics on flickr. they’re so gorgeous 😀

    i’m getting a new camera… do u have any suggestion? was thinkikng on getting canon d40.

  6. momo_chen: thank you =D hmm did you mean the Canon D40, or the Nikon 40D? wow…you’re going big if you want the D40! I’d be supper jealous. Are you on a specific budget at all? SLR wise, I’d prefer Canons. Good quality, plus you get way more for your money. ahHh i should invest in a camera ;__;

  7. ^^ i mean the canon d40. I dont really know cameras, so it goes the same on how to budget them XD. Hehehe… But over here the canon d40 is not that expensive. It’s the so-so prize compare to other brands n types. Coz im only newbie~ hehehe… Need looooooot more things to learn XD Being your apprentice then. Hehehe…

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