It has arrived! I rarely ever do this, but I decided to check my mail today, and to my surprise, there was a package for me =) My KENSOSHI CDs came in! I now have KENSOSHI’S 1st Album and their 4th single “Bokuno Mirai” ^^

If you haven’t already, please check out their stuff!

Official KENSOSHI site: click >here<

To check out the official KENSOSHI myspace and taste of their music: click >here<

And if I haven’t told you the story a billion times or you haven’t read about it, here is a link to my thorough post about how I discovered KENSOSHI when I was on my trip to Japan: click >here<

“Our voices reaches your heart through the sky…” – KENSOSHI

Both CD’s are right down my alley of music and I love it =D I’m so, so glad I discovered these guys.


2 thoughts on “KENSOSHI CD

  1. awesome! aw you blocked out your address so creepy stalker people like me cant find you.

    like i said, next time im in your car it better be playing!

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