Jdorama: Last Friends Ep 3

Can you believe it’s already May!? We’ve finished 1/3 of the year already!

This is a crazy-evenful drama! It has me on the balls of my feet and my heart is throbbing every second of the way as I anticipate for something bad to occur. (Episode 4 is out but I don’t believe subs for it are out yet. You can find a link to the all the soft subs released for this drama (and others) by the fansub group Kioku by clicking >here<. They are the most up to date, so keep your eyes open.) *** UPDATE*** Ep 4 softsubs are out as of May 6,2008.

I was going to write a little synopsis of every episode…but I realized that it was impossible for me to summarize because I wouldn’t know what parts to leave out. So if you DO want a summary just let me know, or 2, you can check out the blog I list below for a wonderful summary/analysis of the drama:

Links: NekoDan– Summary of Ep 1, and so on and so forth to Ep 3 so far…This person does an EXCELLENT job summarzing, so be sure to check it out and show your appreciate.

The ending to episode 3 made my heart pound in complete madness. Michiru (the main character) stood up for herself for the first time, but as you’ll see, the end result was quite traumatic.

Although it’s a hard watch because of the domestic violence, I would highly recommend it because of the strong and well done story. For those that know me, I am going to shove this drama down your throat until you see at least 1 episode lol. I have them on my hard drive so it shall be easy =D

Ok…Midterm in like 2 hours..I should get to studying that now -____- I have a flickr and blogging addiction. Someone snap me out of it.


3 thoughts on “Jdorama: Last Friends Ep 3

  1. haha omg youre crazy… you had a midterm in two hours and you wrote this?! you deserve to fail! JK! anyway im sure you did fine 🙂

    i want a copy of this drama please?! ill watch for sure. and i keep bringing heroes to school to give to you, but i always forget even thought its right in my backpack :-/

  2. janeemebe: lol even if I would have been studying instead of blogging, I would have gotten the same grade for sure! I just burnt ep 1-3 for you whooey, lets hope I remember to bring it -__-

    bakaneko: no problem! I’m glad I ran into your site and found your thorough synopsis. and Thanks!

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