Summer: Chengdu, China

As stated on a previous blog, I was accepted into a month-long educational-program with a group of 20 or so to go to Chengdu, China this coming August through September!I’m super excited by then again scared. I will be the only kid there that doesn’t know a lick of Chinese. So my goal for this summer? After I return from my lovely trip with Em and Janeemebe from Vietnam and Thailand, is to study Chinese on my own! If anyone would like to help..PLEASE DO =D

There is an activity EVERYDAY on the calendar for this Chengdu trip. I only see “free day” once, and that is the day before we leave………. lol Some of the things on the calendar are:

– Visit Zigong Dinosaur Museum and spend the weekend in Li Zhuang

– Visit Intel, Microsoft and Foreign Enterprises

– Visit Qingyang Gong– Daoism Temple, Leshan Giant Buddha, Emei Mountain

– Visit Panda Research Base

and the list goes on =D

The adviser for our group seems VERY motherly.. I hope this goes well haha


7 thoughts on “Summer: Chengdu, China

  1. Symons: Yea…I was a BIT concerned when I only saw Free Day once… -___- o well. It should still be fun yes?

    janeemebe: whooeey, I”m excited, but scared O_O

    Linh: I think she will be TOO motherly at times though… o well… at least some pple won’t get homesick and miss their mother then? lol

  2. Woa, how awesome is that?
    You know, you can always watch Chinese dramas to learn basic expressions. Here’s a great site I found with some expressions, pronunciations and the little drawings for words (I don’t really know what’s the English word for that).

    Be brave, Chinese is easier to learn than French.

  3. flyingcrispi : =D thank you much! I’ll def look over that! I took french for 2 years when I was in High School… I wasn’t much of a fan lol and nor did I retain anything I learned -___-

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