Wrong Number

I currently work on campus as basically technical support for the equipment in classrooms on campus or setting up for events. For some reason though, we always get a bunch of students calling to ask for advising about having enough credits or whatnot.. It’s always weird because they just ramble away and barely give me a chance to cut them off before I learn about the college-history….

So just a few moments ago, a young man called:

*ring ring*

Me: *I answer it saying my work name and office location*

Guy: ok…well, I was wondering if you can help me with something?

Me: Yes, of course

Guy: Well…I missed the graduation application deadline —-

Me: (I usually don’t cut people short because it’s too difficult..but I could tell this was going to be REALLY embarassing if I didn’t stop him lol so I bit my tongue and held back from calling him a moron…) Well ACTUALLY, you have the wrong number sir, we offer technical support for classes.

Guy: Well, can you tell me where I should call?

Me: You should probably call your department…….. >.>

Guy: The thing is…I’m in General Studies

Me: Oh…. (doesn’t General Studies have a department?!Have you NEVER been to it or something?? No wonder you missed the deadline you IDIOT!). Well, here is the number to *so and so*

Guy: Thanks, so these are the people that will help me with my graduation situation right??

Me: I do believe so, good luck with that *click*

…..LOL..so during the phone call I was also consulting my co-workers for assistance on where to direct this dude..It was a VERY awkward phone call that lasted for a good 2+ minutes lol

But seriously..no wonder he missed the graduation deadline…

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