Spring Break in Japan Theme Song

How could I forget that Em and I had a theme song for our Japan trip! During our first few days in Japan, while we were watching TV and getting ready for the mornings, this singer was on numerous channels and singing. I had no idea what his name was or what the song name was, but it was an easy song to remember and he had a good voice! Throughout the rest of our trip I would hear this song in various stores and restaurants; every time pointing it out to Em =D

Well, thankfully Em found his name! Otherwise I would have been googling “shaved head young Japanese singer hit song” or something along those lines lol ><

Here it is: Shimizu Shota singing “Home”

5 thoughts on “Spring Break in Japan Theme Song

  1. oooooooooor. you could have looked at the music charts to see the rankings, mebbe. might produce better results than the google search parameters you’ve got outlined there. though it might take forever to check ’em all. bwah.

  2. didi:yea..I should have thought of looking at the charts >< I had no idea how popular he was though lol

    symons: this guy is a lot more famous than I thought lol although..I should have known that because he was on like a billion channels haha

    janeemebe: lol yay! it’s a good song though right? I guess I should look up the lyrics haha

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