Life is an Adventure

My college years have been an adventure and I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter people from all over the world to keep my life even more spectacular than it already is.

Money is earned to be spent right? Well, that seems to be the case especially for me in 2007-2008. So here’s the plan:

I have amazing friends! Some of which choose to be my travel buddies =D Although everything is still in the making, Janeemebe, Em and I will be volunteering in:I believe Hanoi, Saigon Vietnam for 10 or so days to do volunteer work, then taking a 5 day tour through Thailand, and finally spending a week or so back in Saigon, just moving at our own pace.

Although I’ve been to on the Thailand tour, I will be accomplishing a goal of mind, which I mentioned before on an earlier post (link >here<), and that is to return to old vacation spots and take actual photos since I have a real camera now, and not a 1.3mp video camera.

=) Thank you everyone for…everything! Whether it’s from eating out, reading my blogs, traveling, casual hang outs, playing video games, or what not,my life has been a great adventure.



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5 responses to “Life is an Adventure

  1. janeemebe

    yay! thanks to you too. money is made to travel.

  2. didi

    now i wish i just had as much time…. i want summer breaks back!! XD;;

  3. Jfo

    janeemebe: agreed. It’s a good excuse at least… haha

    didi: I fear growing up ;__;

  4. Symons

    Wow, thats really neat. When are you guys going again?

  5. Linh

    you owe me. now get me some chinatown noodles!

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