Yep, on my last post I used this photo and the video below too..but it’s all I have of them!
“Our voices reaches your heart through the sky…” – KENSOSHI

KENSOSHI ケンソウシ is a J-rock/J-pop band that I absolutely adore, even though I’ve only really heard 1 of their songs. Weird? Sort of.. lol But let me explain!

First off, although in this photo you see only 3 members, it’s actually a group made up of 4. I’m sad that Yo, the drummer got hidden behind in the photo, but I’m hoping 1 day I’ll get to take another photo with all 4 of them together.

So on my Spring Break trip to Japan, my friend Em and I were getting out of the Shinjuku Station on our 2nd day there and ran into these guys doing a street performance. Even though we had a long day and were super tired, when I heard their music play I had to stop and listen. I loved it so much that I recorded it and made sure I also took a close up picture of their sign, that way I could return home and get someone to translate their band name for me! As for recording videos, I don’t do it too often, so this REALLY caught my attention.

Well, I got home and got Didi to translate the photo above for me and she immediately found me their webpage, and this is how the story starts 🙂

Once I got their band name KENSOSHI ケンソウシ translated, I got her to translate the page that would allow me to email them! I chose a random guy (Hiro) and emailed him the photo I took and the video I uploaded onto youtube of them, telling them that I was from America and loved their music.

To my surprise, each member emailed me back with really kind words the day after ^^ They each introduced themselves, said thank you and hoped that one day we’d meet again. My favorite line was from SHUU,

“I watched your YouTube! We look better than real us! ^^ The lyrics of the song say, “Our voices reaches your heart through the sky…”. It is true. You showed it to us, didn’t you?”

Overall, all the messages from the members were super nice =D There was a minor mix up though because they assumed I was from Hawaii lol…and I believe that is because in a youtube video I uploaded of Em and I goofing off, I was saying how Kamogawa looked like Hawaii >_< In the end, I emailed them back and I got that corrected haha… Currently, the staff is looking into how I can purchase a CD and getting it shipped to the states.

Also, Hiro from KENSOSHI told me that some of their fans found my video and also liked it ^^ Plus, I noticed that my video was being linked on some mixi’s (basically a popular Japanese type facebook/myspace), so I got Symons to investigate! Apparently, 2 of the KENSOSHI members posted blogs about me contacting them and the video!

According to Symons translations :

On Hiro’s post:

“These kids (kinda polite, not insulting) were on a trip from Hawaii and uploaded our street live (concert) on YouTube for us. Music is amazing isn’t it. It easily breaks the language barrier. We want to connect the world (through music?)”

and on Shuu’s post:

“In March when we were doing a street live (concert) some tourist from Hawaii were walking by and stopped to listen. They uploaded this video on YouTube. That was really kind of them. Music really is a common language where we can exchange words (I dunno, that sentence is kinda weird imo) It (music) can be heard your heart. When you come to Japan again, I want to meet you”

Once again, here is their video I recorded of them:

:::To check out their music:::

If you go to their website by clicking >here<, you can be linked to their discography on their official page, which will allow you to sample some of their other songs! I recommend you use the Internet Explorer instead of Firefox for it to work it might be hard to navigate around because it’s all in Japanese.

Otherwise, if you want to stick to Firefox, you check out little clips of their current CD by clicking >here< and it should be self-explanatory from there…right? Just remember to press “Play”. Song #4, “声風” is the song I recorded!! I’m hella loving their music btw, not just because they’re nice ^^

These guys are ridiculously kind and down to earth, please take the time to listen to their stuff, although it might be hard to navigate around their official page if you don’t know Japanese >_<

My 10-day trip to Japan was amazing enough, and even though I’m home, this only made it better 🙂 I feel very fortunate to have encountered these guys! As always, I really consider myself to be one darn lucky person =]

I apologize for this being so long lol… I had high intentions on making this short but I didn’t know what to cut out!

11 thoughts on “KENSOSHI ケンソウシ

  1. Hi, I’m one of the people that from Hawaii that Kensoshi had mixed you up with.

    After reading your blog I just realize that we had a similar trip to Japan XD

    I saw their live performance that night at Shinjuku also and I got their CD because I really love that song you like, Koe Kaze.

    Did you check out their web site recently? They have a mini album =)

  2. Well this is a surprise!
    I was checking on ケンソウシ since I wanted to know how it was going for them. And stumbeld across your site.
    And like you they caught my attention outside the station. On the very same day that you recorded that. I’m the one standing there in the black jacket and the bagg on my back 😀

  3. The Guy: what?! no way!? wow…ever since I posted this , I’ve made made a bunch of small world incident it seems~ =D what a little planet we live on. Do you live in Japan? Or were you visiting?

  4. It’s a smal world inded.
    At that momen I was living and studying in Japan but I went back to Sweden in April.
    But I realy want to go back there when I finish my studying 😉

  5. The Guy: oohhh studying in Japan sounds amazing..or well..studying anywhere abroad does =D I did a short study abroad in China before the school year… I absolutely loved it. It’s amazing how many various and wonderful people you encounter, and taking in these other cultures is always breathtaking ^^

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