Updating-ish on the Japan trip

[UPDATED: scroll down to the youtube music video added]

I’m contemplating on whether or not to do a full update on my trip to Japan, mostly because there is too much to cover and I hate leaving things out. Overall the trip was amazing and Emili is a great travel buddy, which I already realized when we did our small trip to Pullman together. Is she sick of me yet? who knows lol, I harassed the hell out of that girl though.

If you check out my Flickr, you’ll see that I’ve updated the photos! So far its from days 1-8, and I’ll add the rest of the days , food pics, plus photos of Em and I ASAP. Most of the photos I posted aren’t my favorites, but I wanted to share with everyone all the wonderful places I went to and saw. =)

Here are some of the photos!


This is a photo inside of a vintage book store in Shibuya called “Flying Books” owned by Em’s cousin Kazuhiro. Even with his busy life he had time to take us out and show us around town. This man is absolutely amazing and I have no idea how to return the favor to him for all of his kindness. Even though it is a vintage book store, it is one of the hippest book stores I’ve ever seen. He holds events from poetry readings, live performances to even parties. If you ever visit Shibuya, this place is a must!

Yamanote Line: I love this mode of transportation

Kamogawa Grand Hotel

The first stages of a rice field lol

Kamogawa: sunset

Street performance: I saw these guys playing and really liked their music/performance. Thanks to didi, who read the katakana, I now know their band name: Kensoushi =) Check them out!! There music is great and they’re also realllly nice and down to earth! I’m going to try to buy their CD…once I can get some of the site translated and figure out how to buy it lol >_<
Here is the video I recorded:
The quality on youtube isn’t as great as it can be, but I hope you enjoy! it! See if you can spot Emili in the crowd!

Overall the trip was better than I could have ever imagined. I honestly think I am one of the most fortunate souls in this entire world. Em-me-lie, if you read this, thank you thank you thank domou arigatou gozaimasu! I have no idea how to repay you or say enough thanks to you or your family, but in the mean time, while I scheme up a plan on how to give thanks, please know that I am truly grateful.


5 thoughts on “Updating-ish on the Japan trip

  1. Yay Japan! I am collecting strange food experiences. What was the weirdest thing you ate on your trip?

  2. omg looks like it was amazing. nice video! totally saw emili but not before I thought i thought she was someone else! lol! your other pics are great too! glad you had fun!

  3. culinaryabortionsofjapan: that is an interestin name you have, welll, I tried a bunchhh of new foods while I was there but I didn’t find anything weird and out of this world. I pretty much eat anything though haha. I don’t find these THAT weird..and I can see why it’s considered gross but I would say Nato or cow tongue. Nato is pretty good and cow tongue is actually quite delicious when bbq-ed!

    Meesha: yay for japan! It’s kinda hard to spot Em! I didn’t wanna focus on her too much though cuz she had her arms folded like she didn’t want to be there lol

    Janeemebe: whooey! so I sent a 2nd email to the band ya know? And now the staff is trying to figure out a way so I can buy their CD and get it shipped to the states =)

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