Japan: Day 8

My apologies for not updating as frequently as I had promised! Japan isn’t as wireless as I had imagined. Currently we’re on day 8 of our trip and Em and I have been EVERYWHERE.

Day 1: got to Japan

Day 2: went to Shibuya and Harajuku

Day 3: went to Okachimachi, Akihabara, Asakusa, Shibuya, Ropongi

Day 4: Haraujuku and Ghibli Musuem

Day 5: traveled to Sendai, went to Zuigangi Temple and much more

Day 6: Sendai- Chusonji and Motsuji Temple and moree

Day 7: Went to Kamogawa (what Em considers the country)

Day 8: went to shrines, etc etcc.. ahHhH I don’t have a lotta time to go through details so here are photos now! (Photos are not in order, click to enlarge!)

On the Airplane

Yamanote Line


Toy machines in Akihabara (no photos allowed muhaha)

Asakusa Shrine

Shibuya crossroad

I think this is asakusa as well..I don’t have time to rotate it!

In Akihabara trying on backpacks

Shrine..prob Asakusa again

Me and Em

Mochi Cream

At Ghibli Museum, it rained this day

Ropongi- Viewpoint


yay! So as of now, we’re staying at the Kamogawa Grand Tower =) its a peaceful place! How is everyones spring break ad such going? Well, I prob won’t be posting until I get back, so please enjoy =)


15 thoughts on “Japan: Day 8

  1. OMG! Everywhere looks sooo cool! Lets have a viewing party when you get back. Are the sakura blooming there? Can’t wait to see you when you get back.

  2. omg! can’t wait to hear all the stories! i have to work monday tho so i may miss all the details, so you’ll have to tell them all over again! =0P i can’t click the pictures to enlarge =0(

  3. sooo.. those were suppose to be “big eyes” smiley face not smiley face w/ sunglasses b/c that makes more sense 😛

  4. Are you back??? Are you alive???
    I called yesterday but didn’t get an answer. Then I went and cried my eyes out. I also called MGH today but you didn’t answer. Don’t worry, I’ll stop stalking once I know that you’re back to misery and no longer in Japan.

  5. Yay! Thanks everyone for commenting while I was gone =D I’ll slowly try to update my blog/photos once I get my life back in order and all my clothes folded -___- I’ll most likely be updating my flickr if anything…as for a thorough update on Japan..it’ll either take awhile..or…it just wont happen lol.. There’s just too much to type!

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