Finally in Japan

Yay so Em and I are alive! For our first day in Japan, we have been to Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya — visiting the crowded streets, stores and the Meiji Jingu Shrine. O and for our first meal, we had delicious authentic Japanese Curry. NUMMMY! =)

 Ill post photos as soon as I can..or you can wait. So far..its only 6:30pm here..for JUST today Ive taken almost 500 photos. yay

 Well have a great spring break for the rest of you folks!

Tomorrow we plan on going to Asakusa and Akihabara. Plans for dinner is Korean BBQ. Time is limiteddd so off we go again! We have walked for like 8hours straight todayy, thank you converse for treating our feet o so kindly.



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8 responses to “Finally in Japan

  1. janeemebe

    yay pics!

  2. didi

    pleaseburnpicsofentiretriptodvdforme, kthxbye.


    in any case… wow! you’ve been busy! i hope you brought socks for those converses… and that you’re getting a lot of feet-caring time at night. XD;

    and… i miss bunchamunchas! we gotta do it after you get back! must!

  3. Get me something awesome in Akihabara!

    BTW. FiOS is awesome. You’re going to love it. We also officially have a wireless network now.

  4. whitney

    i’m in complete absence of estrogen in my life right now. aka. i miss you girls. haha. i can’t wait to see your pictures!!!!!! have a safe trip home =)

  5. where are the updates you promised huh???

  6. Pris

    sounds amazing! have fun and I better see you in class on monday haha

  7. Meesha

    sounds like fun! miss you guys…even my mom was wondering why she hadn’t seen you this break! i was like she having fun…without me in JAPAN!!! see you when you get home! we’ll have to take pictures in the quad…in the snow!

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