Arctic Animals

I was cleaning up some stuff in my room and ran into this! I believe this was when I was in 1st grade =)

There were about 5 different 1st grade classes (each with ~25kids), and every class had to do this project called “Arctic Animals.” All the drawings had to be done with different mediums (water color, pastels, crayons, etc), it was pretty darn neat. It’s things like this that make me proud of my elementary/middle school days lol

For the cover of this packet, we all drew an animal for a category and all the classes voted. Brandon (my best friend at the time) and I made it on the cover =] Now that I look back at it, I wonder how my polar bear made it lol

I scanned some of the things in the booklet, see if you can guess the animal!

(What’s humorous about this…is that my handwriting is EXACTLY the same in how I write my name on the cover)


(the color on this is kind of weird when I scanned it)

(I’m most proud of this one lol)

(I apologize for the poor scanning..I got lazy..)

Yay! How many did you folks get right? haha. Elementary was fun, I wish we still got to do projects like this.

AhHh I better work on stuff for finals now






3 thoughts on “Arctic Animals

  1. omg your seal one is SO freaking cute! thats even better than what i could do now. and im like what… 20? haha i like “i can find my baby by its breath.” i think i got all but one.

  2. Now that i think about it, i don’t know what your handwriting even looks like since you are always on the computer!!!
    oh wait, i saw your viet homework.
    anyways, i like the seal one the best. but i dont know what the last one is.

  3. janeemebe: I think this calls for a seal drawing night! haha..or actually instead of wasting time on shiet like that, lets get a move on our business! šŸ˜‰

    linh: it’s easier to type than right! my hand doesn’t get tired and achy! Yay for being done with bills class!

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