Winter Finals are here

::: UPDATE ::: 3/14/2008 8:38AM


Japan Yen soars above the USD. This is the lowest it has been since 1995 ;___; WHY?!?

Btw.. Happy Pi day!


Finals are right around the corners folks! I wish you all the best of luck!

For me, I have 1 “paper” due Monday, 2 papers due Tuesday, and an exam Wednesday.

So far, I’ve completed writing one paper (for the Tuesday one), I’ll start my Monday one tomorrow, and finish the last paper over the weekend….leaving the weekdays to study for my Wednesday exam. Good plan, yes? =]

Then…alas …Em and I will be spending our spring break in Japan! I’m not sure of the details yet but heres what I do know: we’ll be staying in Shinjuku for the first 3 nights, will visit the Asakusa Shrine, go to Sendai, and going to some boony-country area =)


Well, I’ll try to keep this updated when more details arise, if not….then look forward to me blogging once I’m in Japan!

(These aren’t my photos…but boy am I excited to take my own)

4 thoughts on “Winter Finals are here

  1. i am not jealous at all, not one bit.
    japan doesn’t seem exciting, exhilarting, extremely fun, or freaking awesome.
    i’ll just spend my break in the boring states, thank you very much.
    good luck on all the work. And i like how bill gave us good questions. i have renewed my love for this man.

  2. hahah i ❤ your friend linh’s comment. can you please just pack me into your luggage… pleeeasse?

    haha pi day you nerd. i remember in math class we used to bring in pies to eat on pi day.

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