These past few days

Thursday, March 6

After class, Jane and I went to the girls apartment to finish birthday planning. We only intended to stay a little bit but somehow… we didn’t leave until almost 2 AM. On the plus side, we got to officially wish Whit a wonderful birthday at midnight! Although most college kids party it up, we spent the night talking and even playing with pipe cleaners (thanks to GanGan, the pro pipe cleaner). Jane and I got a good 3 hours of sleep each.

Friday, March 7:

Whit’s birthday! We celebrated by going to eat at Mai Thao, a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown. There were a gang of 14 of us. Dinner was fun and tastey =D Afterwards, we went back to the girls apartment! The night consisted of beer pong, snack runs, a Jack in the Box run and just an overall good time =D And damn, Whitney is a monster for drinking so much! ho ho ho… Jane and I didn’t get home until like 4:20AM. I slept at 4:45Am that night. The car ride home with Jane was HILARIOUS because we were both completely drained and trying to keep random conversations going. (Bottom 2 photos are stolen from Moo).

The Cake
Opening presents
Whitney’s Story Time

Saturday, March 8:

Went bowling with Brian and Jane =D I’m starting to get my bowling groove back! And holy smokes…I can tell Brian is a darn good bowler. Afterwards we picked up Peter and ventured off to catch dinner, where Anthony, Dyan and Matthew joined us. The table seemed segregated though didn’t it? lol When dinner was through, the PB&J^2 crew went to Red Mango, where Brian treated all of us. Thank you! Afterwards, we went to Brian’s house and just hung out playing with all the little toys.

Sunday, March 9:

Jane, Didi and I did our Bunchamuncha’s thing and went to lunch. We chose Pikes Place Market this particular morning. We ate at Piroshky Piroshky and then just roamed Pikes Place, which was absolutely fun. Jane left around 1:30ish and Dianne and I went to Uwajimaya and then to Seattle’s Public Library. The place is funny looking from the outside, but at the same time, nice. The inside isn’t as GRAND as it is made out to be, but still impressive. What is even more impressive is the collection of books they have. I highly intend to go back for 1. taking a better camera for photos and 2. reading old magazine/newspaper articles =D

Pike Place


It’s been a packed few days filled with amazing company :]

(All these photos are from my camera phone unfortunately, so the quality isn’t best. Please do try and enjoy them though!)

9 thoughts on “These past few days

  1. pris: piroshky piroshky is awesome, i was surprised…I’d go back but there are still a billion places in pike place that i want to try out =D

    peter: it def wasn’t a waste of time! I had fun! Plus, I discovered my fav toppings at Red Mango lol, we’ll def have to go bowling again, and you can show us your mad skills 😉

  2. No… what I meant was that it was a waste of time for me because was with my project group while you guys were bowling. If I knew I would have canceled on them and joined you guys because we got absolutely nothing done anyway.

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