For the bored and interested

Hey folks! It’s about time I throw in another random “fun read,” which is a compilation of the things I have found most interesting since the last post like this. So if you’re bored, interested and have time to waste, please stay tuned!

Google Streets:

Have you folks heard of this? It’s pretty darn rad. Google definitely has too much money. It’s a feature on Google Maps that was launched on May 25, 2007. It provides a 360degree panoramic at street view level in metropolitan areas. Click >Here< to check it out!

Bionic Contact Lenses:

Researchers at the University of Washington introduced this concept recently. Basically, it’s contact lenses that can either be used as night vision, for gaming, monitoring health, and so on and so forth. Check out the video! It’s pretty darn rad.

Religion: Star Wars
That’s right folks…Did you know that George Lucas’s sci-fi movie was made into a religion/philosophy?! In the U.K. 2001 census “more than 390,000 people across England and Wales had claimed “Jedi” as their religion.” And as they say, “”We don’t have a deity, we have the Force.” I find this..pretty damn unbelievable. Click here >Here< for an NPR article link. (Thanks didi for this!)

Get your 7 hours
Supposedly, if you sleep less than 7 hours of sleep, your body functions as “badly as someone who hasn’t slept for one to three day.” Along with this ” lack of sleep increased mortality in the study participants by 26 percent for men and 21 percent for women.”

Japanese game show: Extreme baseball

Unfortunately, this video isn’t subbed, but it won’t take much to understand. I found this hilariouss! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “For the bored and interested

  1. i’m bored, but not interested. jk.
    yay for sisea tomorrow. i dont think i’ll be able to sleep tonight just anticipating it!

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