To China I Go

To continue from my last post about traveling….I got accepted to the Exploration Seminar in Chengdu, China! =] I went into the interview today and all went well. I thought I was going to be put on the wait list or rejected at first because at the beginning of the interview she told me that the program was already full ;____; but after a bit, it all turned out well! The teacher leading the seminar is also SUPPPPERRR nice, so I’m totally looking forward to this =D.

As many of you may know, I ended up backing out of my Shanghai, China program that would allow me to go abroad for 3-4 months. Instead, I will be doing this Seminar in Chengdu at an affordable price. The program will be from August 25 – September 18, 2008, and I will most likely be leaving Saturday, Aug. 23.

If you’re curious at all, here is the description of my program if you want to skim it:

Language & Culture: Making the Connection
2008 Exploration Seminar in Chengdu, China

Dates of Instruction: August 25 – September 18, 2008

The objective of 2008 exploration seminar in Chengdu, China is to give our students first-hand experience of a China that is ancient yet still young—since China has undergone dramatic changes in the past 30 years.

Our exploration seminar takes place in Chengdu, the 5th largest city in China. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province, which is in the southwest of China. It is also one of the most important economic centers and transportation and communication hubs in China. Compared with other big cities like Beijing or Shanghai, Chengdu has less western influence. It is a city with a profound historical and cultural background. Sichuan University, one of the best universities in China, will be our host. To immerse our students in Chinese culture in a structured way, our seminar consists of three major parts: cognitive instruction in Chinese culture, field trips related to the lectures, and language classes. There are 10 cultural lectures that will touch a wide variety of topics of China. The topics will include Chinese education, Chinese religion, Chinese medical system, traditional Chinese medicine, culinary art, traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese ethnic groups, foreign enterprises in China, and environmental protection in China. In the field trips we will be visiting Chinese elementary and middle schools, going to Chinese temples, visiting Chinese hospitals, making Chinese food, visiting art museums, gathering together with minority groups and visiting Microsoft and Intel offices in Chengdu. All these lectures are taught by professors from Sichuan University and the field trips will be led by faculty from the University and Sichuan University. The language classes will be taught by ____ the Chinese lecturer from the University and local teaching faculty. Students will be put into different language classes according to their language proficiency. In addition to the scheduled 12 hours of language classes, students will have the opportunity to arrange one-on-one sessions with local TAs, and can practice speaking Chinese with a professional language instructor.

Be prepared for the adventure of your lifetime! In addition to the lectures and classes, students will have the opportunity to climb Mountain Emei, one of the four sacred Buddhist Mountains in China; visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world; go to Wolong Panda Reserve, the earliest, largest and best-known panda reserve in China; and travel to Qingcheng Mountain, a famous center of Taoism. We will visit DuJianYan, the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world, and Lizhuang, a small town that had hosted many famous intellectuals during the anti-Japanese war. We will also spend one of our weekends exploring Chongqing, the largest and most populous city in China.

Students will also have free time to explore the city on their own. They can experience both rural and urban life in China, meet local people, and of course, sample the delicious, world-famous Sichuan cuisine.

So far, it has been a really good year for me =)


9 thoughts on “To China I Go

    1. Jesmo, your comment is true also. To ovcmroee this problem I can change something. First I will cook the Dim Sum first, then only out onto the conveyor belt. I will set the temperature of the heating inside the conveyor belt to only keep warm. May be this can solve the problem.

  1. I’m so happy for you (again…) I’m glad i was the first to know (at least to my knowledge) it was soo funny talking to you on AIM being all excited and not being able to do anything about it cuz you were at work! lol! i will miss you while you’re gone, but I know the pictures will be fabulous! I’m working on getting us to Europe!

  2. thank you thank you everyone for leaving a comment and the congrats =] they really mean a lot to me. I’ll try to respond to comments more often as well, since I know I enjoy getting responses whenever I leave comments.

    The trip isn’t for another 5-6 months…so in the meantime… I’ll look forward to Japan 😉

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