My foot steps

Where my feet have taken me:

China: (I’m missing some cities from here because I can’t remember the names at all right now)

Beijing (2005)

Guangzhou (2005)

Hong Kong (I know its not a city but it’s staying in this category!) (1995)

Shanghai (2005)

South Korea:

Seoul (2005. This was REALLY brief. Like 7 hour tour)


Bangkok (2005)

Vietnam: (for some of my photos click >Here<)

Saigon (2005 and 2007)

Nha Trang (2007)

Vung Tau (2007)

North America:

Canada (too many places to list in detail):

– British Columbia

Mexico: (for some of my photos click >Here< )

Puerto Vallarta (2007)

United States (no details because even I’m not sure…I’m leaving places out that I can’t remember well enough or have only driven through):

– Arkansas

– California (x2…early to mid 90s? haha)

– Florida (2001)

– Washington

Next stop:

Tokyo, Japan (2008)

Places I want to go:

– Anywhere in Europe

– Australia

– Malaysia

– Singapore

– Somewhere in South America!

– Philippines

Well, I believe that is all the places? I’m not really sure at the moment but o wells. As you can see, most of my foot steps have been in Asian countries. I should try traveling elsewhere! But it’s so much easier since I can find family or friends to bring me to these Asian countries, plus I absolutely love the culture in each and every one so far.

I have many, many more travel plans in the near future, and still, none of them involve going anywhere but Asia lol. What’s next? Japan and either Thailand or China.

O and a big goal of mine is to return to the places I’ve been as well as go to new places to take some quality photos. In the past, I was never equipped with a real camera and only used my video camera which could take still-shots with a quality level of 1.3MP…..or was either too little we only took photos with family posing.


3 thoughts on “My foot steps

  1. dang you have traveled a lot see! well since you want to travel to different countries… instead of a mexico all inclusive lets go to dominican republic, jamaica, bahamas, or aruba

  2. Europe: Ireland with me this summer. god that would be too much fun. Actually, I think travelling with you anywhere would be extra fun because you find good food and you take good pictures.

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