It’s spreading…

For some odd reason, everyone around me seems to be getting sick. Perhaps it’s the weather? bad hygienes? people not covering their mouths properly when coughing and touching things? Either way, I need to keep my guard up! I haven’t been sick in a while and I’m hoping to keep it up.

So! To help rid the world of the evil viruses and germs, here are some facts about them so that you folks are more aware:

Sneezes and Coughs: average the speed of 80 – 100mph. A single sneeze can produce more than 40,000 droplets of moisture and millions of germs. They can travel up to at least 32ft in distance. Coughs are about the same, but has a lower speed average of 60mph. When sneezing or coughing, do it properly! Sneeze or cough into the elbow or high part of your arm instead of your hands since viruses are spread through touch!

Where germs harbor:

Sponges and dishcloths: Kitchen cultivates the most bacteria due to the sponges and dishcloths. The reason behind this is because sponges and dishcloths remain wet and warm, while harboring bits of food, which is an ideal ecosystem for germs that can cause a cold or flu. So be conscious of this when you are wiping down your kitchen tables and counters!

Bathrooms: (this should be an obvious one right??) Bathrooms and especially public bathrooms are disgusting. Doorknobs, locks, toilet paper roll, paper dispenser, and etc are all contaminated with people who are either sick or do not wash their hands properly; which means that these places are covered with fecal bacteria. Along with this, toilet seats , floors, and counter tops are infested with germs because of polluted water vapors that go airborne after a flush. These vapors can take several hours to settle and go the minimal distance of 6ft, which means that these particles can be floating around and landing on your toothbrush.

Inanimate objects: germs have been proven to survive on inanimate surfaces for at least 2 hours! Some things to stay aware of that can be swarming with germs are doorknobs, handrails, keypads, (elevator) buttons, light switches, keyboards, phones, and etc etc. So when doing things such as opening doors, try not to use your bare hands!

Public transportation: In small areas like this, “50% of the air is recirculated and is passed through special air filters to remove dust, vapor, bacteria and mold. Viruses are too small to be trapped by the filter.” Don’t forget the dirty seats and handrails either! Some bum that didn’t wash their hair could be sharing the same headrest as you.

And finally, the best for last,

CELL PHONES: are actually dirtier than toilets. Mobile phones are a petri dish for tens of thousands of germs. The dirtiest cellphones can spread staphylococcus aureus (aka staph bacteria), which causes everything from skin infections to meningitis. Extremely dirty cellphones can harbor up from 10 to 50million bacteria, and as the news article says “If there is ever a new life form on this planet, it will be on this phone.”Think about it, your cell phone goes through the most crap! You drop it, put it on tables, your hands are all over it, spit covers it and so on and so forth!

So, when was the last time you sanitized your cellphone and doorknobs?


4 thoughts on “It’s spreading…

  1. hahahhh ommmmg JFO! all this research is going to make you even more germophobic!

    this info is making me worried. i am going to sanitize my phone right this minute!

  2. Welll, there’s a good reason you are seeing a lot of sick people around lately. I was watching the MSNBC Nightly News and the US is currently in a flu epidemic. It’s as bad as a flu epidemic can get. Forty-nine states report widespread flu; Florida is the only state not seeing it. So far 22 children have died this year. This may be partly due to the fact that this year’s flu shot was ineffective. A new strain popped up that wasn’t included in the shot, which is designed the year prior. They’ve decided to include this year’s strain in next year’s vaccine obviously… but by then it’s too late, yah?

  3. knew everything,…but the cell phones. BTW, its good that Asians take off their shoes when they go into their house. Think of how many germs are on your shoes….as well as chemicals and pesticides.

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