Sir, your pants are low

Excuse me sir, but your ass is showing…

Like the last time when I talked about the “roll up one pant leg” style, today it’s about sagging your pants. I don’t understand why ANYONE’S pants should be THIS low. Not that I prefer guys who pull up their pants up to their necks with a tucked in stained t-shirt or anything, but putting them on this low just seems ridiculous. Guys who sag their pants a bit are are perfectly fine in my book! but when it becomes a hindrance to your ability to walk and your butt is completely showing, please pull up your pants! This is a style I just can’t comprehend. Not only do most the people who do this look like ducks waddling, but it just seems to defeat the purpose of wearing pants/shorts at all.

I sound like an old lady haha


5 thoughts on “Sir, your pants are low

  1. The worst is when someone wearing pants like that has to run. They can’t go very fast, and they are concentrating more on holding their pants up. Ridiculous.

  2. I think it’s hottt.
    No, really I think it’s just funny. I walked behind this guy and started laughing while I was talking to my sister on the phone. He turned around and I think he knew what I was laughing at because he was trying to pull up his pants.

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