Meet PB&J

Meet PB&J, our photography crew =)




Peter, Brian & Jfo

This last weekend consisted of a lot of good adventures and photography. As promised, here are some photos! In addition to the Seattle Photo Shoot on Saturday, we went out yesterday to grab lunch Monday and ended up roaming Gas Works Park as we waited for Brian’s ride to come pick him up to go back to Pullman.

Photo by Peter^

Photo by Peter^

Photo by Brian ^

PB&J- or well…BP&J in this case


Light Paintings- “Jfo”

Light Paintings- Signing our names…Peter messed up.. lol

Light Paintings- Scenery

Well, those are few of the photos taken this past weekend. Our little club will be doing further adventures in the future, so please look forward to that because I know I sure am. I’ll be updating my Flickr with my photos some time this week after all my papers for my classes are turned in. I was a bit overwhelmed last night as I realized that one of the papers which I hadn’t started was actually due today, when I thought it was due Thursday! Thank god I spent Sunday putting everything together and all I had to do was write the paper. I only figured it out at 8:30PM last night, but the paper only took me about 1.5-2 hours, yay.

Anyhoo! For more stuff on PB&J please click >here<!

(These photos are all from the XTi and have not been altered. Photos with an asterisk* are taken by me)

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