Seattle Photo Shoot

Peter and Brian invited me along to their planned full day of photography in Seattle for Saturday, and I of course, took up their offer! Peter rented out an extra Canon XTi at STF from school because it included a variety of different lenses, so the day included 3 college students that had 3 XTi cameras. Boy did we look like tourist roaming the streets of Seattle.

Here is the original itinerary and locations in Seattle that the boys planned (refer to this link for my blog to make sense): Google Map

We pretty much stayed on track the entire day with only a few alternations, which made the trip even better. Instead of eating Dim-Sum, we ate at Samurai Noodle in Chinatown. The place was excellent and by far the best ramen place in the area. After the Smith Tower Observation Deck we went to Cow Chips, wandered through a toy store, and then to Pike Place (where I saw the Gum Wall).


Our plans ended a little early when we arrived at Kerry Park though. It was about 4:00PM so we had 1.5hrs before the sun set. We spent a bunch of time taking photos but realize that the sunset wasn’t worth waiting for because 1. it was damn cold and 2. the clouds were covering up 98% of the view, so we headed off to Sushi Land for dinner around 5PM (O and btw, I’m glad we got the ice cream after all ha..ha). Once we finished, we headed back to Kerry Park for night shots of the city and had loads of fun doing light paintings =]


Besides those minor changes, we followed the itinerary pretty well! When we headed home, we dropped in on Peter’s little cousins birthday party for a bit and then back to his place where we viewed our photos. The down side of things? Well, we were unprepared with memory cards… so we were pretty conservative about taking pictures, plus it was incredibly cold. Overall though, the day was amazing and fun! I ended up getting home at about it was like a 19 hour day from the time I got up? 17-18 if you only count the time we spent together lol.

Let’s do this again! The day went by reallyy fast (as we were constantly running low on time for parking) and was full of activities! We have many more places too see! although, how about in warmer conditions? haha, thanks Brian and Peter for a wonderful time! O and thanks Megellan (my gps system) for leading the way :]

(I’ll post more photos later when I get my hands on them. These photos here were taken with my point-n-shoot and camera phone, not the XTi)

13 thoughts on “Seattle Photo Shoot

  1. I think they are opening a Samurai Noodle shop on the Ave. You will have to take me there once it opens 😉
    Beautiful photography to show me what a beautiful day you had. I am jealous.

  2. o man o man that sounds awesome im sorry i missed out! we are hiring some new people so hopefully that means i can get covered more often for shifts. erg do it when i dont work!

  3. Thanks for coming. It was so FUN!!! Next time we will definitely have enough memory, since Brian is going to buy one soon. WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yes yes! It was a absolutely fun week! Next time I will have my gear, except I’m not going to be 100% certain i will have any new lenses tho =P Thank for providing the wheels, and the awesome company.

  5. haha I like how you excluded certain light pictures but looked like an awesome day and great pictures! O ..and loving the name PB&J perfecto!
    oo and great seeing you all at gasworks 🙂 …didn’t learn much frisbee sorry no new cool tricks like the hippies 😦 maybe another day 🙂

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