A review with a reply

So, I just signed up to Yelp so that I could put all my restaurant reviews up. The main reason I signed up when I did was to review Mee Sum Pastries, which recently opened up on the Ave. Why was I so intent on rating this place? Well, when I checked the reviews on it, they were all highly regarded, so, I wanted to change that, ho ho ho……

Here’s how my first experience at Mee Sum Pastries went: (lots of you, especially Janeemebe have heard this story, so my apologies to those that find me repetitive!)

After class, Janeemebe and I ventured off to Mee Sum Pastries to get some goodies for everyone to celebrate the Lunar New Year. When we got to the place, we found that the selection was quite limited…as in a selection of about 4-5 different pastries (which didn’t include the essentials such as egg tarts and they only had 1 coconut bun left..what the ef?). Once we finally decided on what to get, Janeemebe ordered first. Everything seemed to be just fine, although I did find the place quite expensive for just a few pastries.

Well, now it was my turn to order; I requested 4-5 pastries plus a Moon cake. A different girl behind the counter helped out the girl taking the order. When she handed me my bag, there were only 2 pastries inside >.> I quickly got that problem resolved but then the girl asked me if I had gotten my cookie yet. Hmmm.. Cookie??? I told her no, and that I had wanted a Moon Cake, not a cookie. This conversation went back in forth as she insisted that I had ordered a cookie, asking things such as “Oh, so you no longer want the cookie?”…I told her no several times and that I had ordered the Moon Cake to begin with!

…Cookie and Moon Cake don’t even rhyme or come close to sounding the same!!! Anyhoo…I paid the difference. Oh and I almost forgot. After I paid, the girl asked me if I wanted my receipt, and I said yes. Immediately after she said “OOPS! I accidentally pressed cancel!” So…Please do not ask me if I want a receipt if you had no intention of handing it to me!!!

Overall, the pastries weren’t bad, but the service and cost of just a few pastries just doesn’t make it worth the trip there. I’ll stick to the places in Chinatown and Canada thank you.

Well, I posted a review, sort of like this one but with less detail on Yelp yesterday evening, and last night I got this message:

Hi my name is Will ****. I’m the owner of Mee Sum in the university district. i’m sorry you had a bad experience at my store recently. I’d definately make sure we do our best to correct our service issues. If its possible i would like to offer you a free gift certificate for a meal at our store, so you can try us again. Please feel free to contact me at ***-***-**** or message back at your convience

Will ****

I checked his profile and he seems pretty legit. Ah, sometimes I make myself laugh.

9 thoughts on “A review with a reply

  1. haha WOW THATS AWESOME HE COMMENTED BACK AND IS GIVING YOU A FREE CERTIFICATE! man i need to be more proactive about restaurants i dont like by writing reviews, letters, etc like you. remember maggianos?

  2. You should criticize even the good places so you can eat at those places for free, then complain again and maybe get your butt kicked. 🙂

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