4 Topics

1. For those who haven’t seen this, please watch and enjoy! This is pretty much one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in awhile; animals are just brilliant! This video was filmed at the Orlando Seaworld and the dolphins taught themselves this neat trick.

2. So yesterday was fun! I got together with the girls and we had a hot plate-grilling night, dessert and then ended with karaoke.

True girls night

Desserts included: 3 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints of different flavors, 1 Vanilla tub, 1 Cookies & Cream, box of Snicker doodle cookies, apple pie, and these little apple tart desserts.

3. O! and another thing! Sunday’s have become a day to forward to. Why? Well, for the past 3 Sunday’s, I have caught lunch at different restaurants and then journeyed to Uwajimaya with generally the same group of people. Slowly, it has become a nice little tradition 🙂

4. Lastly,

A strange number called my phone the other day and I decided to pick up (which is something I rarely do)…

Me: Hello?

Man: Hi, may I speak to Robert Something (i dont remember the name)?

Me: Actually, I believe you got the wrong number sir

Man: O, but isn’t this 555-5555?

Me: Yes it is, but you have the wrong number

Man: But this was the number given to me by so-n-so, are you sure?

Me: This is my phone sir

Man: O..but this is 555-5555 isn’t it?

Me: As I said earlier, yes, but this is MY personal phone.

Man: But…

*hang up*

30 seconds later..he calls again….. *ignore*

wth was that?!? It’s like when someone argued with me, telling me I spelled my last name wrong.


8 thoughts on “4 Topics

  1. i love when they argue about your number like that. i’ve had several calls like that, but they’ve only argued for a few questions, until i say, “this is MY cell phone number, and i don’t know anybody by that name”. XD you should have told him, “so-n-so lied to you, sir *hang up*”. lol.

    btw… superbowl this sunday after lunch? y/y?

  2. LOL, wow, I’ve never had anyone call my phone and argue with me that they got the wrong number. You must just be lucky lol.

    P.S. Those dolphins are amazing!

  3. Actually, I’ve asked a girl if that’s “really the way you spell your last name, i thought it was spelled so-and-so.” Then I realized that she would know her last name better than me.

    Maybe this man was also me.

  4. 1st….love the video…i think that’s so cool!
    2nd…i like how i’m the only one looking at the camera…=0)

  5. LOL…that phone call sounded annoying…

    kind of reminded of a time when i argued with a lady who said that i wasnt “Asian-American”…she said that i could only be either “Asian” or “American” and that there was no such thing as “Asian-American”.

  6. I love the dolphin video and then I liked it even more cause it was playing the song from “Into The Woods”. That phone conversation is crazy.

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