Another time waster

How are you folks doing? Midterms are on the way! It came unbelievably fast too! Can you believe we’re already going on to our second month of 2008?

It snowed last night… I ended up putting off all my homework until the evening so I spent the rest of my night doing homework for all my classes, which includes a midterm paper -___- I got done with everything around midnight. When I turned off my light and headed to my bed, I got a glimpse of some sort of white/pink glow outside my window. At first, I thought it was fog..but it looked a bit too weird to be fog…to my surprise, my whole neighborhood had been completely covered in snow, and I never noticed. I opened my window to take a picture and the snow overwhelmingly covered my face….

Well, here are some things I’ve found browsing the net (or people like dede and kiryogi link me to) and decided to share. If you have time or a curious bone in your body, please continue reading!

When Google Leaves Town

This video is just really silly. It’s basically a bunch of people acting as large internet companies in a party. It sounds weird, but it’s quite entertaining! My favorite is Facebook because it’s so true.

Game Collector

You know, I thought my brother’s collection was pretty insane..but this is way beyond my comprehension…Click the photo to go to the blog entry.

Home Theater

I always thought having a home theater would be awesome, but I definitely never thought of building something like this! Once again, click on the photo to go to the webpage that I got this from. There are a total of 10 home theaters shown. As much as I like them though, I could do without the trekkie stuff o.O

Fact or Fiction?

Does coffee actually stunt growth? Nope! Are carrots good for your eyes? Yup! Here is a small article on some myths that have been dispelled, although I’ll warn you that the other ones aren’t really that interesting… Click >Here<!

Kid Geniuses

A 12 year old boy has been obsessed with medicine since he was young and has memorized medical books. He claims that he was close to finding a cure to cancer! Or there is Budia Singh, who at the age of 3 ran 20miles! He was the youngest marathon runner in 2006, covering 65km. Sounds interesting? Click >Here<

Maid Guy Cafe in Akihabara

Have you guys heard of Maid Cafes? Well, it’s basically a cafe that has waitresses dressed up as maids/butlers as they cater to the otaku culture referring to the customers as master (-sama) and etc in Japan. Weird enough as that sounds…apparently there are now men who cross dress as the maids in a specific cafe.. Click >Here<for details.

Japanese comedian Jinnai Tomonori- Security Camera

This guy is just hilarious to me. There are a bunch of other clips of his acts and they’re all extremely silly! They’re subbed, so enjoy!

3-D Printing

As it says, 3-D printing! I had a chance to use a device that printed things 3-D during high school, so the technology isn’t THAT new, however, it’s still pretty darn awesome. Unfortunately, this video isn’t subbed, but it’s still pretty rad and innovative. There is the video below, but if you want to see other cool advancements in technology, click >Here<

Batsu Game High School

As always, I have to link you guys to these Batsu Games- the show where the comedians at subject to weird situations and can’t laugh or they get hit. Ah…these shows are just awesome. I love the Downtown and their crazy antics.

If you enjoy these random blogs, click here: “Fun Read” to go to my past blogs which are like this.

I have so much homework..including my paper due tomorrow, and yet..this is what I’m doing :/


5 thoughts on “Another time waster

  1. Oops, that anonymous was me. Forget the drinking problem, i think i have an eating one as well.

    After dinne (8PM), I just now had 5 egos, 7 chicken wings, a roast beef sandwhich, and i’m looking for more food… arg

  2. yea…cant believe we’re already in the second month of 2008 ..and i STIILL date my papers as “2007”!

    i really like the photo you took of the snow…for some reason, it kinda looks like a night sky’s telescopic shot of the universe.

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