Routine: Summary of My Life

It’s a weekday
It’s 5:47AM… What a shame…only 3 minutes until my alarm goes off. Should I just get up?
*debate debate*
Naw…I’ll just take advantage of the 2min 30seconds left.


Ah… it’s 5:50AM..I should have just got up in the first place so I wouldn’t have to deal with that obnoxious sound. The same Mickey Mouse alarm clock has been waking me up since 4th grade and it brings chills to me whenever I hear it. I think it has some type of psychological effect on me…(ask me for details if you’re curious o.O)

First off the list, turn on the computer and then grab a towel before I hop in the shower. Once I’m done, dry and dressed, I glance at the clock…

What time is it? 6:12 AM, the same time it is every time I check the clock after my shower. Now, my teeth get a brushing while I check my e-mail and the latest in the news. Once I lose interests, I rinse and blow dry my hair. Now for the best part…breakfast while surfing the net some more.’s 6:44AM, better warm up my car and pack my bags.

*Remote start*

By the time I get to my warm car after putting away my dishes and such, I check the clock as I open the door to my car and it’s 6:52AM; same as always. I drive to the Park n Ride and hop on the bus, sit in the same seat as always, put on the headphones and quickly fall asleep.

I arrive somewhere between 8:05AM- 8:25AM depending on traffic. If there is time to spare, I go to the computer lab, pending the minutes until I have to work.

Crap! 8:29AM! I get too distracted on the internet as always! Time to hurry my butt to work and check in!

Nice.. 8:30AM, exactly on time. During work, I browse the web some more and do whatever errand there is to do.

Shift ends…it’s 11:01AM. I take my time and walk to my Viet class that starts at 11:20AM. The class is pretty fun and surprisingly enough, my listening skills in Vietnamese have improved quite some bit.

Once class ends at 12:20PM, I head for lunch with the usual crew at good ol’ By George. This quarter has been really nice since I get to see everyone on a regular basis.

As 1:20PM draws near, we all slowly disperse and I head to class. Ah…2 hour lectures are a test of endurance. Since I take notes on my laptop, I tend to sign on to AIM. If you’ll notice, I’m on the computer 90% of my life.

3:20PM rolls around and I head to the bus stop. It’s always really crowded around this time, so instead of going to the bus stop right outside my classroom, I take an 8minute journey to the 1st or 2nd stop on campus to ensure that I get a good seat.

It’s 3:37PM and here comes my bus. By the time I arrive at the Park n Ride it’s typically 4:23PM. As I walk down the steps I start my car.

*Remote start*

Due to traffic,, I don’t get home until about 4:52PM. First thing I do is put down my backpack, change into comfy clothes and then get some dinner in me.

For the rest of the evening, I attempt to do homework, chat online, watch dramas and waste time.

11:44PM already?! Shoot! I better get ready for bed!

I get in bed around 12:02AM on a typical day.

Then… Rinse, lather and repeat.



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7 responses to “Routine: Summary of My Life

  1. Brian

    Sounds like a lovely day Jenn! =)

  2. Linh

    Tell me about the psychological effect, I’m curious. 🙂
    You didn’t say that you have a lovely usher to your bus stop.

  3. janeemebe

    hahaha omg half of your life is like clockwork it sounds like.

  4. Meesha

    very routine like…i wish my day was like that but half the time i wake up at 7am and the other half at 9. =0) btw…almost everytime you go on AIM i’m on there chatting away with you =0)

  5. Taryn

    Whats this psychological thingy with your clock. Also, since I know your schedule, I can stalk you…. >8D

  6. Taryn

    Wait, are you saying you regularly get only 5 hours of sleep per night!?!?! o.O

  7. liljetjennie

    For those who are curious about this psychological effect haha.

    So I’ve been hearing this alarm go off for like 10+ years now, and there is this light “click” noise that precedes the actually alarm sound. This click noise is produced through various other things as well, as I have come to realize.., so whenever I hear it this soft click sound, my heart seriously leaps and my body gets chills o.O

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