1 Hour Wait

Commuting isn’t so bad on normal days, but come Winter, it’s horrible.

The weather yesterday was cold and extremely windy, so it was no surprise that it began snowing when I left school. There was no signs of snow near my house though, just cold weather and rain….which as all of you should know, results in ice…..

When I got up this morning, the roads were completely iced over! Just getting out of my neighborhood, I swerved about 2 times. My heart was rapidly beating as I feared having to press on the brake pedal.

The usual drive to the park and ride usually only takes 10minutes, but today it took about 30. Once I arrived, I ended up waiting for my bus for almost an hour in the 30degree weather. RAWR! It was funny watching the line of people as it slowly dwindle and people giving up hope; especially because we had seen so many of the same buses pass by over and over again. Two of the scheduled buses were no-shows and the bus that finally fetched us changed her routes because she felt bad for us -___-


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