2007 Highlights

Merry New Year!! Have a great new year folks and I hope it will be better than the last! Best of wishes and stay in good health v(^^)v

Of course this isn’t everything, but here are some of the highlights of 2007 for me:


-College weekend at Whistler and ice skating


– UW womens basketball game and crazy snow


Whitney‘s birthday, crazy snow continues, spring break in Vietnam


– Con (see my glow?) and Anthony‘s boxing match


Folklife festival, movies, Bruce‘s birthday, and Matt’s birthday


Spontaneous Canada trip, Smith tower, bonfire, Danielle’s 8th grade graduation, Pike Place


– Annual picnic, fixing the house, IMAX Harry Potter movie and July 4th get together


– Pizza making, Mexico trip, cousins and the game Life, Taste of Edmond’s, and trip to Pullman


– Cathy’s birthday and turning 21 πŸ™‚


– Hours of beer pong after Anthony’s boxing match and Dianne‘s birthday


– Rachel and Grace‘s birthday, EDI dinner, and downtown Seattle while walking back from my internship


– Fondue, Secret Santa exchange, Santa photo with WAC, Nutcracker ballet, and picking the lock of my room -__-

Thank you everyone for a wonderful year! I’m quite the fortunate person aren’t I?? πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it’s already 2008, plus I didn’t realize how eventful it was. It’s been a very enriching year full of fun activities, vacations and people. 2008, here I come!

It’s great that I keep a blog and take so many photo’s, look at all the event’s that I could link back to!

2008 is the year of the rat as many of you may know, how does everyone’s year look? Well, I’m not sure if I really believe these horoscopes but if you’re bored, check out your Chinese Astrology forecast by clicking here!

O and for larger versions of those photo’s above, please go to my photobucket! Once again, if you don’t know the guest sn or pw, lemme know.


7 thoughts on “2007 Highlights

  1. woah! awesome blog! i liked how you linked everything! πŸ™‚ i needa start blogging again. btw, i still need the scary story video from the fire!!! 😑

  2. wow…i love ur blog entry concept. i dig it!
    i think i’m the same as u. i wouldn’t have as many photos & stuff if it wasn’t for the great friends & experiences around me.
    happy new year Jen!

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