Holiday and friends

The holidays are fun 🙂

12/16 Sunday: Had a fondue party at my house with Dianne, Symons, Jane, Taryn, Matt, and my bro who arrived home much later due to work.

12/19 Wednesday: Went to see the Nutcracker Ballet with Dianne, Symons and Matt. It was awesome besides one part after the intermission when these annoying teeny bopper girls wouldn’t shut up -__-

12/20 Thursday: Went out with Anthony, Peter, Harue, and Brian to Applebee’s and then Silver Dollar Casino. (Friday night I went out with this same group plus like 10 additional pple to Boston’s for drinks and then somehow ended up at Jet… -___- )

12/21 Saturday morning: I met up with my friend Cathy and ate at the Hawaiian BBQ place that I absolutely love. I haven’t seen her in monthss so it was nice catching up..and she is still loud as everrrr 🙂

Saturday night: Alex threw a Christmas party at his place! He was probably the MOST generous host ever, thanks for all your hospitality; you’re a bit tooo kind btw! I had a lot of fun and hope you did as well.

yay for the holidays!

Happy Holiday folks! Merry Christmas eve, and Merry Christmas for those who read this tmr! p(^^)q


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